Fabricator® Setup & Assembly Video

Item # X-HT-300300

Welcome to your new Fabricator® Sewing Machine! We're confident you will love sewing everything from upholstery and canvas to leather, drapery, accessories and more with this industrial-size, straight stitch sewing machine. This blog is the perfect companion to your Fabricator Assembly Booklet. The video below will go through the setup and assembly process. We'll show you, in detail, how to assemble your Fabricator package.

We made an assembly video for each Fabricator package. The two assembly videos are different, so make sure you watch the one that is for your package.

Standard Fabricator Package (White Tabletop)

Deluxe Fabricator Package (Butcher Block Tabletop)

After you have your machine assembled and installed in the table, check out our followup blog on how to use your new machine. "Fabricator Use Video" (#300500XHT) will show you the ins and outs of how to use the machine. That video covers basics like how to thread the machine, how to correctly insert a needle, how to adjust your tension, and more.

Footnote: This blog has been updated in July 2020 to include mention of our most current Fabricator packages.