What Is DuraWax™ Waxed Canvas?

SKU: X-HT-300501



Our DuraWax™ Waxed Canvas Cotton Duck 12 oz. fabric is a durable, highly water-resistant fabric perfect for a number of hobby projects. We recommend this long-lasting waxed canvas for projects such as bags, backpacks, utility projects, purses, jackets, aprons, duffle bags, briefcases and much more. DuraWax is an interesting fabric — learn what to expect from this waxed canvas with our helpful blog.

Waxed canvas has a stiff, waxy feel when you first encounter it. Don’t worry about the stiffness though! Our waxed canvas products get softer and more pliable with continued use, similar to full grain leather. The base of all our waxed canvas fabrics starts with a heavy-duty, dyed cotton fabric created using a plain weave, then the wax coating is added to the fabric. Our DuraWax™ Light Waxed Canvas is coated in a paraffin wax. It is more economical and less stiff than our other waxed canvas offering. Our DuraWax™ Heavy Waxed canvas is coated in a premium beeswax. The beeswax coating is heavier, making this canvas stiffer than our paraffin-coated canvas. The beeswax coating will remain on the fabric longer than the paraffin coating, providing more shape retention.

This fabric also has a “memory.” By that we mean it will showcase unique markings with use. If waxed canvas is creased, folded or scratched, these markings will appear slightly lighter in color on the fabric. We call this a patina effect. The ability of waxed canvas to patina creates a fabric with character and a rugged, lived-in look. Waxed canvas only improves with age! It’s known for its ability to give a craftsman-inspired appearance wherever it’s used.

Due to the characteristics of this fabric, it will show markings, imperfections and scuffs from the manufacturing and shipping process, so you might notice this when you receive your fabric. If you’d like to get rid of certain markings on your waxed canvas, you can apply a hair dryer to the area to help smooth out the wax. If you do this, you will need to re-treat the canvas using an appropriate wax treatment product. Refer to our blog, “How to Re-Treat Waxed Canvas” (#300503XHT) for details on how to accomplish this.

Because our waxed canvas isn’t like a normal decorative fabric, there are some factors to keep in mind when working with it. Just like with any wax product, if left in the hot sun for hours, the wax coating may melt away and need to be re-treated. Constant, heavy friction is also a consideration to note when working with waxed canvas. If your project is subjected to constant friction against another item, the wax may rub away over time, allowing some of the canvas dye to bleed through. However, this only occurs in areas that rub against something frequently, so it’s not something that happens often.

It's also important to note that waxed canvas is not intended to be used for upholstery or furniture applications. To be on the safe side, you should really only use waxed canvas for the applications it is recommended for. Due to its waxed coating, this is purely a hobby and utility fabric, intended for projects such as bags, purses, totes, duffle bags, jackets, backpacks, tool belts, aprons, tool rolls and briefcases.

If you’re still unsure if waxed canvas is right for your next project, feel free to order a sample on our website. That way you’ll have a better concept of the special attributes of our DuraWax products before you purchase multiple yards. What projects would you like to see us make with waxed canvas? Let us know in the comments below!