Catamaran Clew Plate With Rivets

SKU: 233500



A two-piece clew board is used at the clew of a sail to add strength and provide attachment points. This item includes 2 plates and anodized aluminum rivets.

To Install: Place one side of the clew board so that it is 90 degrees to a line bisecting the clew angle. The two short edges should be flush or slightly (approx 1/16 inch) inside the sail's leech and foot edges. Locate the smaller holes along the edges of the board intended for rivets. Mark and cut holes in sailcloth with a drill hole cutter or similar tool. Sandwich the sail with the two halves of the clew board and attach with rivets. The aluminum rivets can be peened over with a hammer.

After installation, cut out the cloth in the larger openings with a utility knife and then smooth the job with a hotknife. These openings are for use as attachment points. Remove the excess material extending beyond the clew board with a hotknife or a utility knife.