How to Install a Curved Zipper Videos

Item # X-HT-300104

A full boat enclosure offers great protection from sea spray, cold air, and bugs and insects, but it can also make your cockpit feel a bit stuffy. Adding a U-shaped window to your enclosure will allow you to let the breeze roll in when you want it and keep the cold air out when you don't. Installing a curved zipper may seem tricky, but the secret is knowing when to baste and sew each part. We'll walk you through the process step-by-step in these how-to videos.

Dab sewing a curved zipper in a vinyl window

These three videos outline three different variations of this project. Depending on your preferences you can have just the vinyl window material roll up or you can add a screen to keep bugs out. If you opt to add a screen, you can further decide to keep the screen stationary or have it roll up as well.

All three of these videos are excerpts from our complete "Make Your Own Full Boat Enclosure" DVD (#104168) which offers comprehensive instructions on making side curtain panels for an existing sailboat dodger and bimini.

Installing a Curved Zipper in a Vinyl Window

The most basic style of zippered window, this video demonstrates how to install a curved zipper in one layer of clear vinyl only. It will walk you through all the steps from marking where your zipper should go on the vinyl to sewing the binding and the zipper and installing a strap to keep the window rolled-up.

Installing a Curved Zipper in Vinyl Window with Screen

In this video, you'll see how to install a curved zipper in a vinyl window with a permanent screen. This video details adding the curved zipper and the screen, which are sewn in at the same time.

Installing Curved Zipper with Roll-Up Screen in Vinyl Window

Allowing for maximum flexibility, this window configuration features a zippered, roll-up window and a zippered, roll-up screen. This video will walk you through the process of creating the zippered vinyl window as well as how to install the screen.