How to Install a Zippered Roll Up Window in Canvas

Item # X-HT-200575

Consider adding a roll-up window to your canvas project. Roll-up windows allow airflow into the cockpit when it gets stuffy, but it also allows you to close up the window during inclement weather. Adding a roll-up clear vinyl window to a canvas panel can be a difficult project, and your window and canvas can end up wrinkled if the process is not done correctly. Watch out detailed how-to video for a step-by-step demonstration for how to tackle this project properly for professional-looking results. At the end, you’ll have a functional, great-looking roll-up window.

This roll-up window installation process is not the same as a U-shape or smiley face window installation. In that window installation, you are installing a zipper in a window. Here, we’re installing the window to a piece of canvas, and that requires is to not cut out the canvas prior to basting or sewing around the outer perimeter of the window. If you were to cut out the canvas and then baste the window in place with the zipper already installed on the window, you would discover that your assembly would not be flat and would not look good.

Follow our video below to see how it’s done.

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