How to Replace Fabric on a Patio Swing

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Does the fabric on your two-person swing look a bit worse for wear? Instead of replacing the entire swing, it’s much easier — and a lot cheaper — to sew new covers with high-quality sling mesh fabric. In today’s tutorial, we’re going to show you how to replace the sling fabric on your swing using materials and supplies from Sailrite®. Let’s get started!

First, you have to take apart the swing. Once that’s done and you have the original fabric removed from the frame, you’ll measure that fabric to calculate the dimensions of your new fabric panels. We’re using Phifertex® Stripes Vinyl Mesh in color Coco High Tide for our swing project. We recommend Phifertex Stripes or Plus mesh fabrics for their unparalleled dimensional stability and strength. They’re designed to withstand the elements, can support human weight, and come with Microban® antimicrobial protection. Available in a wide variety of colors and stripe designs to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect Phifertex sling fabric for your patio swing.

The backrest and seat bottom panels on our swing have a padded center. This padding provides added comfort and enjoyment, but it does require more fabric. Each backrest and seat bottom panel requires a front and back piece, with the foam sandwiched in the middle. Therefore, you will cut four mesh fabric panels for this DIY. Watch the video closely to see how this is done, especially when it comes to measuring the panels.

Let us know if you have any questions as you work on your swing sling fabric replacement project. We’re always here to help our customers tackle their DIYs! Turn to Sailrite for all your sewing supplies, notions, tools and more. We’re your one-stop DIY shop!

  • Taking Apart Swing – 0:46 min.
  • Calculating Fabric Requirements – 1:43 min.
  • Measuring Old Sling Fabric – 2:56 min.
  • Cutting Mesh Fabric to Size – 6:08 min.
  • Creating Hems & Sleeves – 7:34 min.
  • Joining Front to Back – 11:45 min.
  • Stuffing & Sewing Shut – 18:25 min.
  • Inserting Sling Fabric in Rails – 22:08 min.
  • Reassembly of Chair – 30:07 min.
  • Materials List – 34:53 min.
  • Phifertex® Plus or Stripes Fabric from Sailrite® (we chose Phifertex Stripes Vinyl Mesh Coco High Tide #3039251)
  • Seamstick 3/8" Basting Tape for Canvas (50 yds.) #129
  • Thread Tex 90 Polyester or Sailrite® Tex 92 Lifetime PTFE Thread
  • CushionRite™ Flotation Antimicrobial Foam (Extra Firm) #124250
  • Awning & Sling Chair Spline Cording (25 ft.) #122114
  • Scratch Awl Yellow #2354
  • Clear Acrylic Ruler 6" x 24" #102400
  • Scribe‑All® Black Marking Pencil for Vinyl #121977
  • Gingher® Scissors Right Hand Lightweight 8" #101017
  • Sailrite® Canvas Patterning Ruler #107040
  • Sailrite® Ultrafeed® LSZ Walking Foot Sewing Machine (100-230V) #300600
  • Sailrite® Ultrafeed® Industrial Sewing Table #120934
  • Thread Clipper Kuroha #121908
  • McLube™ Sailkote 8 oz. #120679