Loxx® Pull It Up Fastener Upper Head With Long Washer (Antique Brass)

SKU: 121848
$21.00 to $189.00



The Loxx® Pull It Up Fastener Upper Head with Long Washer is the two-part upper section of the Loxx Fastener System. The Antique Brass finish gives these fasteners a weathered, vintage-inspired look without compromising on quality. This longer thread version is made to accommodate thicker fabric assemblies than the regular washer upper heads. Included are both the button and the clinch nut to make a complete upper section (you will receive them screwed together). This button is compatible with any lower section stud for cloth-to-cloth and cloth-to-surface applications. Loxx fasteners secure automatically and lock tight until the button is pulled. This positive engagement is created by a stainless steel spring inside the upper head that fits around the ball head of the stud. The result is a fastener that won’t accidentally come undone, but is still easy to operate.

These Loxx fasteners are made from brass and are ideal for hard environments. Their heavy-duty construction ensures they will perform snap after snap, even in difficult applications.

The long thread on this fastener works with fabrics 0.087 - 0.175 inch (2.2 - 4.445mm) thick or approximately 4-8 layers of fabric.

To Install: Cut a 3/8-inch hole at the installation point (we recommend a hole cutter – sold separately). Unscrew the washer from the head/stud if not already done. Place the threaded post of the head/stud through the hole and loosely screw the washer on from the opposite side. Holding the application, tighten the washer using the Locking Key or Locking Tool (each sold separately).