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Everything you need to get started installing snap fasteners! This exclusive package includes the Sailrite® SnapRite® System, created by Sailrite® owner Matt Grant. The SnapRite System features a set of four dies that work with a standard rivet gun to install button, socket, stud and eyelet snap fastener components with more ease, speed and precision than ever before.

The color-coded dies work in pairs to install snap components on site for accurate positioning. The key to this system is the use of a SnapRite Mandrel and using snap components that have a hole down the center. The SnapRite System requires the use of SnapRite Buttons and gypsy studs but installs all other standard snap components in a ligne 24 size (most common size).

The SnapRite Dies work with any standard rivet gun. Dies screw into the rivet gun’s nosepiece and must be used with a SnapRite Mandrel (included). Position fasteners, punch the mandrel through the fabric assembly and rivet the fasteners in place.

Also included is the SnapRite® Fastener Starter Kit. With 260 nickel-plated brass snap fastener components, this kit can install cloth-to-cloth and cloth-to-surface snaps, as well as Pull-the-DOT® (one way) snap fasteners and gypsy studs. And the Cutting Block & Die Holder helps you get the job done!

How the SnapRite® System Works

The SnapRite Button Die and snap component are installed on the rivet gun’s nosepiece. The mating snap component is placed on the SnapRite Socket Die and a mandrel put through the center hole of the die. The rivet tool grabs onto the mandrel that has been inserted through the fabric, pulling the two SnapRite dies together and flaring the barrel of the button to create a tightly installed snap fastener.

Sailrite Button Die, Socket Die and Professional Rivet Tool shown.

SnapRite System Features:

  • Sets in one step (no pre-punching holes!)
  • Conveniently portable (no workbench needed)
  • Perfect positioning in any location (no tool restrictions)
  • Works with any standard rivet tool
  • Installs DOT® Snap Fasteners, Pull-The-DOT, gypsy studs and more

Please Note: The Stud Die that comes in this kit is only intended to install cloth-to-cloth fasteners. Using the Stud Die to install surface studs will break the die. To install surface studs, use the Surface Mount Stud Die #103754 (sold separately).

Package Includes:

  • Professional Rivet Tool
  • Button Die
  • Socket Die
  • Eyelet Die
  • Stud Die
  • 100 SnapRite Mandrels (Stainless Steel)
  • Carrying Case
  • Storage Pouch for Dies
  • Instructions
  • 20 SnapRite® Snap Fastener Button Silver 1/4" Barrel (#104154)
  • 20 SnapRite® Snap Fastener Button Silver 11/64" Barrel (#104151)
  • 20 SnapRite® Pull-The-DOT® Snap Button 1/4" Barrel (#104299)
  • 20 SnapRite® Gypsy Studs 3/16" Barrel (#104236)
  • 40 Snap Fastener Normal Action Socket (#333050)
  • 20 DOT® Snap Fastener Hard Action Socket (#333058)
  • 10 DOT® Snap Fastener Screw Stud 3/8" (#333105)
  • 20 Pull-The-DOT® Snap Socket (#555050)
  • 40 DOT® Snap Fastener & Pull-the-DOT® Eyelet 1/4" (#333555)
  • 10 Pull-The-DOT® Snap Screw Stud 3/8" (#555105)
  • 10 Pull-The-DOT® Snap Cloth-to-Cloth Stud (#555100)
  • 30 Snap Fastener Cloth-to-Cloth Standard Stud (#333100)
  • Sailrite® Cutting Block & Die Holder


Brand: Sailrite, SnapRite
Warranty: 90 Days


Demonstration of SnapRite System

Matt Grant shows a Sailrite employee how to use the SnapRite System to install a tool bag onto a work bench.


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Steven Dibling
Verified Purchase

looking forward to using this.

Although we havent used this yet, we are satisfied with the apparent quality.

William Malin
Verified Purchase



Michael Balunek
Verified Purchase

Great product amd kit. Case is not a pelican case but does the job. Love the kit as it’s easy to put away and hide on the boat.

Frank Martin
Verified Purchase

best snap kit in the business

Verified Purchase

Tough and Perfect

This tool is exactly what every boat owner with canvas needs. The kit had tons of snaps etc.

Glen Vonwald
Verified Purchase

Great tool. Easy to use.

Verified Purchase

Both delivery and quality of the product were excellent.

John Hudson
Verified Purchase

Great starter kit

Great starter kit. SnapRite system is very user friendly. Thank Sailrite!

James Murtagh

Hands Down, Best snap tool ever!!!


Nadine Baughman
Verified Purchase

Great starter kit

Nice assortment of snaps. The rivettool is more than adequate. The storage case has weak closures, and isn’t up to the quality of the rest of the package. Had to do lots of video and research to figure out what snaps are used with caps, what applications. There is a pdf resource sheet that cross references the part numbers with the letters and use. Maybe consider that as an extra inclusion is the deluxe set. I laminated mine.

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