Sewing Zippers 102: Bind & Slit Approach

Item # X-HT-200513

The next zipper installation technique in our Sewing Zippers Video Series is the Bind & Slit approach. Be sure to check out our first blog in our Zipper Series, “Sewing Zippers 101: Fold Under & Hem First Approach” (#200512XHT) to learn about the two most common zipper installation methods.

The Bind & Slit zipper installation technique is often used in an enclosure panel on a boat. What’s great about this zipper installation method — and why so many boaters use it on their dodgers and enclosures — is that it does not require excess material for hems or folds. This means you can install a zipper plaque on an already existing canvas panel or vinyl window enclosure. It’s a great zipper method to use when you need to maintain the size of your enclosure panel.

In our example for the video, we created a small canvas and window vinyl panel to show how easy it is to install a finished zipper in this type of application. By installing a finished zipper, we’ll be able to unzip the panel completely, which is ideal if you’re making an opening in a panel enclosure.

The materials you’ll need for the Bind & Slit approach include binding, basting tape, a finished zipper (we recommend #10 size for marine projects), scissors or a hotknife. On the inside of your panel, you’ll install a strip of binding on either side of the cut line for your zipper install. Where the strips of binding meet will be your “slit” for the zipper opening.

We’re using the Sailrite® Ultrafeed® LSZ to install our zipper application. The Ultrafeed easily sews through multiple layers of canvas, window vinyl and binding, making DIY marine canvas projects a breeze. The walking foot is able to climb up layers of material without losing power or skipping stitches — guaranteed.

If you enjoyed this zipper installation demonstration, be sure to check out the rest of our Sewing Zippers Video Series! Let us know if you have any questions — we’re happy to help!