Sewing Zippers 103: Rip Zipper Approach

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In this third blog of our Sewing Zippers Video Series, we’ll be teaching you how to install a zipper using the Rip Zipper method. This zipper installation method is best used in applications where you need to grab one end of the zipper and rip your zipper apart quickly. The type of projects you’d use this zipper method for include long bags (such as a rip bag), sail packs and furling sleeves.

In our video demonstration, we’ll show you how to install both a single-end rip zipper and a double-end rip zipper. With the Rip Zipper method, you take a continuous zipper chain (without the starter box, slider or zipper stops) and install it in your sewing application, creating somewhat of a finished zipper.

For a Rip Zipper style zipper application, you want to make sure you’re using a non-locking zipper pull. A non-locking pull slider will enable you to grab anywhere along your zipper and pull the teeth apart to open your bag. For very long applications like a sail pack or furling sleeve, it’s valuable to be able to rip open the bag wherever you grab it. That’s why this zipper installation method is ideal for installing zippers on very long bags.

We hope this video helped you with your zipper installation. Remember to check out the other blogs in our Sewing Zippers Video Series. Adding zippers to your canvas application might seem intimidating, but our how-to video tutorials break it down for you into easy-to-understand steps. We also explain which types of zipper installation methods are best suited for a variety of sewing DIYs. The other blogs in our Zipper Series can be found under the “More Helpful How-Tos” section on the right.

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