SnapRite® Socket Die
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Sailrite's SnapRite® Socket Die is a uniquely designed die that snaps onto a pre-installed stud to quickly and accurately attach sockets in cloth-to-cloth and cloth-to-surface applications. The die holds the socket firmly in place so it won’t get lost during installation. Works with any standard socket as well as Pull-the-DOT® sockets.

The SnapRite Socket Die is part of the SnapRite System that turns a standard rivet tool into a snap installation tool. The SnapRite System utilizes four unique dies that work in conjunction with each other to quickly and accurately install snap fasteners. This revolutionary system allows for installation on site, and works with DOT® snaps, Pull-the-DOT, gypsy studs, and stainless steel snaps. The SnapRite System requires the use of SnapRite Buttons and SnapRite Gypsy Studs (for use with mandrel). Other components can be any type in Ligne 24 size (most common size where button top measures 5/8" diameter).

The SnapRite Socket Die is designed to be paired with the SnapRite Button die for standard snap installations and with the SnapRite Stud Die for gypsy stud applications. To use, snap a socket firmly into place on the die. Insert a mandrel through the center of the die and then snap into place on the pre-installed stud. Position fabric appropriately and push onto the mandrel. The rivet tool will go over the mandrel and rivet the socket to a button or gypsy stud with fabric in-between.

How the SnapRite® System Works

The SnapRite Button Die and snap component are installed on the rivet gun’s nosepiece. The mating snap component is placed on the SnapRite Socket Die and a mandrel put through the center hole of the die. The rivet tool grabs onto the mandrel that has been inserted through the fabric, pulling the two SnapRite dies together and flaring the barrel of the button to create a tightly installed snap fastener.

Sailrite Button Die, Socket Die and Professional Rivet Tool shown.


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Robert Churchill
Verified Purchase

Great product but shipping is EXPENSIVE.

Love the product, but I must comment that shipping costs are expensive.

Barbara D
Verified Purchase

We love the snap rite die system. Very easy to use and much better than trying to hold the small buttons position. His system is a good investment. Only Wish there was a way to hold this die on the rivet gun. This is the second one to fall in the bayou while installing the snaps. Plan to work off the boat from now on.

Robin Phillips
Verified Purchase


Jan Fitz
Verified Purchase

What I expected.


Great and friendly service.

Always friendly and knowledgable service every time I call with a question.


The Best Snap tool I have ever used

Love the SnapRite system. I found using the Quick Fit Pin sockets to mark my position of the snaps then use the socket die to install the snap works great. Also when working over water I assemble the socket die with loose stud in the bottom and then insert the assemble through the work and crimp the snaps inside the boat that way if the socket die is dropped it may not go overboard. Thanks for the very fast delivery.

William Davis
Verified Purchase

instructions on snap usage is a bit vague damaged the first on by putting it on backward, wont do that again!

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