How to Hand Crank With the Monster® II Balance Wheel

Item # X-HT-300642

The Monster II Balance Wheel is a top-tier upgrade for the Ultrafeed® Sewing Machine that provides smoother and quieter machine operation. Another huge benefit of the Monster II wheel is the ability to sew without electricity using the provided hand crank. The balance wheel’s large size and weight create enough momentum to make hand cranking effortless — even through incredibly thick material assemblies. There are a few helpful tips to know before hand cranking, and we’re going to go over those in this blog. We’ve created a short video for you below so you can get the most use and enjoyment from your balance wheel upgrade.

Monster Wheel Hand Cranking 2

If you haven't attached the hand crank to your Monster II wheel, that’s the first step. To do so, use the shoulder bolt and hex key that came with your Monster II to install the hand crank. Once the handle is installed, you can use it to manually rotate the balance wheel to sew without operating the motor.

There are some important tips to keep in mind while hand cranking. Watch the video below to learn more about how to correctly use this balance wheel feature.

Hand Cranking Tips:

  • Remove the balance wheel belt and loop it around the bobbin winder to keep the belt out of the way.
  • For smoother operation, make sure the handle is being pulled down when the needle is entering the fabric. Remove and reposition the Posi-Pin® to synchronize the motion of the handle and needle.
  • Always rotate the balance wheel toward you.
  • To sew in reverse, lower the top stop on the EZ Set™ Stitch Length Plate all the way down to trap the lever in the reverse position. You can still keep one hand on your assembly while operating the hand crank.
  • Remove the hand crank when sewing with the motor.

We hope you've found this video on how to use the Monster II hand crank helpful. If you'd like to see other Ultrafeed tips videos like this, please leave your suggestions in the comments section below. We're always looking for ways to better serve our customers and provide the information you need to conquer your sewing projects.