How to Make an Anchor Riding Sail

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Anchor riding sails can be really useful to keep your boat from swinging when you’re at anchor. This phenomenon is sometimes called “sailing at anchor” and it can not only lead to sleepless nights but also puts you at risk of swinging into other boats and weakens the grip of your anchor. If you think you’d like to try an anchor riding sail, you can make your own using one of our kits. Our two-part video series will show you how to assemble and sew your own anchor riding sail using one of our Anchor Riding Sail Kits found exclusively at Sailrite®.

Matt and his niece and nephew rest calmly in the cockpit of our project boat with the Anchor Riding Sail installed

Sailrite’s Anchor Riding Sail Kits come pre-plotted on white Top Gun® fabric. Top Gun fabric is an excellent choice for a small sail like an anchor riding sail. Top Gun fabric is UV and chafe resistant. It's also extremely durable with superior tear and abrasion resistance.

The assembly process of an anchor riding sail is similar to that of our larger sail kits, so making one of these small sails can be a good practice run for those thinking about building their own larger sails. Complete written instructions come with each kit, but this video can also be an asset for visual learners. Our Anchor Riding Sail Kits can be sewn on a home sewing machine with no other special tools required.

Please watch the videos below to learn how to build your own anchor riding sail. Let us know if you have any questions as you work on your sail. You can call or email us and one of our customer representatives will be happy to assist you with whatever you need.

How to Make an Anchor Riding Sail Part 1

How to Make an Anchor Riding Sail Part 2

When your anchor riding sail is complete, be sure to check out our companion blog, "How to Use an Anchor Riding Sail" (#300091XHT) to learn how to properly rig the sail so it's most effective.