Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl™ Flooring Shoreline Black 8'6"

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Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl™ Shoreline Black is a stylish, modern gray and black fabric made of 100% woven vinyl on a 100% frothed vinyl memory backing. As part of the Better Than Teak II™ collection of flooring, this vinyl is crafted with a cutting edge design and boasts a classy look. Adding vinyl flooring to your boat, RV or patio can provide a soft, cool foundation for your feet and allow for added traction. This is a practical alternative to outdoor carpet in that it is specifically built to withstand the elements.

Infinity products boast superior resistance to stains, soil, abrasion and fading as well as antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Convenience is key with these low maintenance fabrics, as they’re easy to clean and suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects. Its unique "frothed vinyl" backing doesn't soak up as much water as other foam flooring alternatives, dries quickly and stands up to heavy traffic. In addition, the vinyl backing securely grips to stay in place, without fusing to your deck or causing damage. Infinity Woven Flooring is UV-stable and even comes with a 10-year UV Fade Warranty, so you can rest assured it will look great for years to come.

Shoreline Black has a Compact Cushion (CC) 1/8-inch thick backing that makes it ideal for area rugs, snap-down and glued-down installations. For snap-in mats, bind the edges of the vinyl flooring with a 1-1/4-inch binding and use snap fasteners to secure to the boat floor. We recommend using DOT® brand SnapRite® fasteners for strength and ease of installation. To use as boat deck flooring, Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl can be glued to the deck using a solvent-free, latex resin adhesive that works with vinyl. Infinity recommends using AAT-390 Marine & Exterior Adhesive for glue-down applications. Edges don't need to be bound when glued, because the flooring typically runs under built-in furniture or seating.

One yard of Infinity contains 25-1/2 square feet of flooring. If you have leftover woven vinyl from your flooring project, Infinity Woven Vinyl can also be used for RV treads, swim platforms, placemats and other decorative accents like wall panels. Using Infinity in the home for indoor and outdoor rugs is also growing in popularity as its use expands in the hospitality industry.

A note about bow and skew: The weave of Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl will not run parallel to the cut edge. Due to the way the fabric is woven some bow or skew is normal and is not considered a flaw. The tolerance for bow and skew is 1-1/2 inches in either direction.

This fabric is non-returnable.

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