Lenzip® #5 Foliage Green Continuous Coil Zipper Chain

SKU: 124696
$1.50 to $157.70



The Lenzip® #5 Continuous Coil Zipper is a fine-toothed coil zipper chain with a smooth zip. Coil zippers are stronger and more flexible than molded tooth zippers, making them an excellent choice for projects with curves. Use a #5 coil zipper on furniture cushions, purses or bags, or any other application where a small coil zipper is best. When used in outdoor applications, we recommend keeping the zipper covered to protect it from the sun and increase the life of the zipper.

Continuous zippers require at least one end to be sewn shut. They do not include a starter box, pin, top stops or zipper slider. At the top of the zipper, sew the end shut, sew on fabric tabs as zipper stops or install metal top stops. Zipper sliders and top stops sold separately.

NOTE: We recommend using Lenzip sliders with Lenzip zipper chain and YKK® sliders with YKK zipper chain. This chain will only work with a #5 slider for coil chain.


  • Continuous zipper chain can be customized to any length.
  • Strong and flexible; ideal for projects with curves or that need a small zipper.
  • Best for use on indoor applications such as cushions, pillows and small purses.