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Sew your own duffle bag!

This duffle bag is large and roomy enough to fit several sets of clothing and toiletries for a weekend cruise! The kit includes everything you need to sew your own duffle bag and is a great beginner project. Featuring a zipper closure and outside storage pocket, the bag has two short handles and a longer adjustable strap so you can either carry it by hand or sling it over your shoulder for hands-free convenience. Bag features sturdy D-rings and clips for lashing the duffle to the cockpit and connecting keys, whistles and more. Made with your choice of 4 Top Notch® 9 colors, this tote will be your go-to weekender bag for years to come.

Finished Measurements: 12"H x 12"W x 20"L

Please Note: There are no written instructions for this kit. We have made a detailed how-to instructional video, found below, on how to sew and assemble the Duffle Bag Kit.

Duffle Bag Kit Includes:

  • 1 yd. Top Notch 9 fabric
  • 1 pk. hembob V-69 Black UV Polyester Thread
  • 17 ft. Black 2" Polypropylene Webbing
  • 2 ft. Foam Luff Tape 12"
  • 3 ft. Black YKK® Continuous Zipper Chain #10
  • 2 Black YKK® Zipper Slider #10 VISLON®
  • 1 pk. YKK® Snap Hook Swivel & Rotate 2"
  • 1 pk. YKK® Tri-Bar Adjustable Webbing Slider 2"
  • 1 pk. Black D-Ring Sewable Nylon 1"
  • Seamstick 3/8" Basting Tape for Canvas
  • 1 pk. Sailrite® Woven Sew In Tags

Also Required (Sold Separately):

  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors


Sale Unit: EA
Color: Blue


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How to Make a Duffle Bag - DIY

Purchase a Duffle Bag kit from Sailrite and watch this video to complete a versatile and attractive duffle bag that you will love. This is a great kit for new sewers and owners of Sailrite sewing machines. You will put into practice and learn many of the skills that are typically required for upholstery and canvas applications. Not only will you learn a lot, but you will be left with a great looking duffle bag!


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Clifford Roy
Verified Purchase

Enjoy these kits and videos

Nelson Reed
Verified Purchase

I haven't started on this yet but everything else that I've gotten from sailrite has just been marvelously superb. And the videos that I saw about doing that is just marvelous, I'm absolutely certain that I can do this job

John Selman

Great Leaning Kit

This was my second project since getting my Sailrite Fabricator, it was a good learning exercise. A couple of weeks ago I did Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl flooring for our Four Winns 268 Vista. The Backpack kit is next. Looking forward to spring when we do a full enclosure for the boat. The support and how to video's are fantastic, looking forward to many projects.

Pamela Kingery
Verified Purchase


stephen gill
Verified Purchase

Great practice item.

Bought this as practice to teach myself. Met my needs. Perfect.

Anthony Canvas Works

Great Bag for a simple project.

Nice easy project! Great way to get grandchildren involved in sewing. Would be nice to have a set of written instructions for grandchildren to follow.

David Veeneman

This is a great 'learn to sew' project

I'm just finishing up the bag and, to my surprise, it looks exactly like the picture. I'm surprised because, prior to starting this project, I hadn't sewn a stitch in my life. It was recommended as a 'learn to sew' project before I begin work on a dodger and bimini for my sailboat. I bought an Ultrafeed LSZ-1 on faith, hoping that I could get the hang of sewing. I've learned enough doing this project that I am confident that I can do the bigger canvas jobs.The kit is complete, and the how-to video for the project is well-done. In the course of the entire project, I only had to rip out one seam, and I credit the video's clear, step-by-step procedures for guiding me so successfully through this project. The sewing machine doesn't intimidate me any more, and I am definitely getting a feel for how it works.If you are a novice sewer like me, I recommend Sailrite's 'Learning to Sew' video series, along with their 'Sewing Tips and Tricks' series. They gave me the background I needed to tackle this project. There is a complete list of their video playlists at https://www.youtube.com/user/Sailrite1/playlists.Thanks, Sailrite, for the quality of your sewing machine, your educational videos, and for the quality of this project. There are cheaper alternatives out there, but I consider my money well spent.

Ben McCafferty

Great 'get to know your machine' project, with a few caveats

Continued... Also found something called a "stretch" needle, which is supposed to be coated and good with sticky basting products. Will get some of those and give them a try. --My kit was about 6" short on webbing, so be sure to measure in advance and shorten things as needed, or your shoulder strap will be way too short.--Sewing the corners is pretty tricky. Definitely do the relief cut as suggested, and I found it helpful to do this on both pieces of fabric, not just on the body piece as shown.--Got lots of extra parts and thread, for future projects!--Good luck, and thanks for a great kit overall!

Sailrite Response

I am not sure why you found a slight shortage of webbing, as  our team developed the kit with adequate lengths of webbing. We will check the kit material list to be sure it is accurate.

Benjamin McCafferty

Great "get to know your machine" kit, with a few caveats

I'm breaking in a new LSZ-1, with the workhorse motor and table. So far I'm loving the machine and support, thanks Sailrite! This duffle bag kit was a great way to have to work through several problems, and thought I'd post them here for others.--I believe the end pocket is aligned horizontally, but the video says to put the seamstick on the short side first. Not a huge deal; I did it the other way.--By FAR the biggest problem (which took me a couple of hours to overcome) is the gummy buildup on the needle when sewing through seamstick, especially when using two layers. This showed up most prominently when doing the foam bottom edges, which also have two layers of seamstick (though it also showed up even on thinner assemblies, i.e. 2-3 layers of sunbrella with seamstick). The result looked like a really loose upper tension, with 1/4" loops of the upper thread hanging through the bottom! I ripped and resewed with higher tensions, even tensioned the upper a full two turns (!!!) and it didn't help. I had read somewhere on this site that running the needle through a bar of soap would help, and since I didn't have any, I put liquid dish soap on a paper towel and ran it through that. It worked great for about 15-20 stitches, and then back to the same problem. Since I was mid-seam, I wasn't able to run through the paper towel again. So, after ripping it out for about the seventh time, I decided to apply a drop of soap to the needle with a chopstick about every 15 stitches, and that did the trick. Even backing the upper down to original tension, it worked beautifully. After completing this portion of the kit, I did some online searching, and found a product called Sewer's Aid, which is basically a small bottle of silicon that they claim is non-staining. I cleaned the needle with rubbing alcohol and applied the Sewer's Aid periodically, and had no more troubles. Will continue this review above, since I'm running out of space.

Sailrite Response

I am pleased to see you have located Sewer’s Aid as a solution to the gummy buildup. I might also recommend using alcohol and a q-tip periodically, which we have found to be effective as an alternative to Sewer’s Aid.

David Holloway
Verified Purchase

The fabric was short by 1/4 inch. The fabric was creased and had to be ironed. After being ironed there was a slight discoloration in the fabric along the creased lines. This was a good kit but the fabric should be shipped rolled up and not folded.

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