Lenzip® #5 Royal Blue Continuous Molded Tooth Zipper Chain

SKU: 124263
$2.75 to $289.10



Lenzip® #5 Continuous Zipper Chain is a UV treated, Delrin® zipper chain. "Molded Tooth" is a zipper tooth style made with Delrin plastic teeth molded to the fabric tape edges. This construction makes them strong and practically weatherproof, having been designed to resist damage from ultraviolet rays and corrosion. These are great for a marine environment. Use a #5 molded tooth zipper in tote bags, cushion closures and much more.

Continuous zippers require at least one end to be sewn shut and do not include a starter box or pin, top stops or zipper sliders. Top stops and sliders are sold separately.

NOTE: We recommend using Lenzip sliders with Lenzip zipper chain and YKK® sliders with YKK zipper chain. This chain will only work with a #5 slider for molded tooth chain.