DIY Cup Holder for Boat Cushions

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Keep your drink within easy reach when you’re lounging on the bow of your boat! This is a companion video to our “How to Make a Snap-On Boat Cushion” (#300666XHT). This detachable cup holder snaps to the marine bow cushion we made in that video. Be sure to also check out that tutorial so you can learn how to make a snap-on marine cushion that pairs with a detachable cup holder. Let’s get started on this fun and unique detachable snap-on cushion cup holder project.

Here's our cup holder attached to our snap-on bow cushion.

Because this is a companion project to our snap-on boat cushion, we used the same foam and vinyl fabric from that project. CushionRite® Dry Fast is a great foam for a variety of marine and outdoor projects. It’s an open cell foam, which means water and air pass through the foam quickly. This makes it a great choice for outdoor cushions that need to dry out quickly.

The outside of our cup holder cover is made from EverSoft™ Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl Fabric to match our cushion. The inside cup holder sleeve and bottom of the cover are made using Phifertex mesh fabric. We used mesh so that any water that splashed onboard would not pool inside the cup holder. It also helps to drain condensation from your ice-cold beverage can.

Here's a look at where our boat cushion and cup holder fit on our boat.

In this detailed video tutorial, you’ll learn valuable sewing skills that you’ll be able to apply to future DIYs. You’ll learn how to cut and glue foam, how to sew a zipper to a fabric plate, how to sew a boxing strip to a cushion cover, how to sew a decorative topstitch, and more. Watch the video below to get started on this DIY cup holder project.

What did you think of this detachable cushion cup holder project? Do you have any other unique marine projects you’d like to see us make? Post your project ideas and requests in the comments section below. We’re always looking for new project ideas, and we love to hear input from our customers. Thanks for watching and happy sewing!

Video Chapters:

  • Intro - 0:00 min.
  • Cutting & Gluing Foam - 0:16 min.
  • Cutting Out Fabric - 5:32 min.
  • Sewing Zipper to Bottom Plate - 9:52 min.
  • Sewing Mesh Cup Insert - 12:09 min.
  • Sewing Insert to Top Plate - 17:13 min.
  • Sewing Boxing to Top Plate - 22:20 min.
  • Sewing Top Stitch - 28:20 min.
  • Creating Attachment Flange - 32:22 min.
  • Sewing Bottom Plate - 37:03 min.
  • Materials & Tools List - 45:42 min.

Materials List:

  • CushionRite® Dry Fast Antimicrobial Foam (Firm) - SKU: 124204
  • 3M™ General Trim Spray Adhesive 18.1 oz. - SKU: 73211
  • Phifertex® Standard Vinyl Mesh White 54" Fabric - SKU: 393111
  • EverSoft™ Indoor/Outdoor Silver 54" Vinyl Fabric - SKU: 122210
  • Lenzip® #5 White Continuous Coil Zipper Chain - SKU: 124597
  • Lenzip® #5 White Style A Single Locking Metal Zipper Pull (Coil Chain) - SKU: 124601
  • Seamstick 1/4" Basting Tape for Canvas & Upholstery (36 yds.) - SKU: 122065
  • Tex 90 Silver UV Bonded Polyester Thread 4 oz. (1,350 yds.) - SKU: 106387

Tools List:

  • Tape Measure 120" - SKU: 102986
  • Clear Acrylic Ruler 6" x 24" - SKU: 102400
  • Sailrite® Blade Foam Saw V2 with Carrying Case (110V) - SKU: 121244
  • Sailrite® Foam Shaper - SKU: 123583
  • Wipe Off Fabric Marker Blue - SKU: 123135
  • Professional Stainless Steel 10" Scissors - SKU: 123615
  • Sailrite® Ultrafeed® LSZ Walking Foot Sewing Machine (100-230V) - SKU: 300600
  • Magnetic Sewing Guide - SKU: 102983
  • Small Fabric/Leather Clips (50 pack) - SKU: 123121
  • Basic Thread Snips - SKU: 123222
  • Zipper Jig - SKU: 121976
  • Calculator, Electric Kitchen Knife, Permanent Marker, Compass, Utility Knife, Pencil, Stapler