Sattler® Acrylic Bias Binding Tape Steel Blue

SKU: 125591
$6.00 to $126.00



Sattler® Acrylic Bias Binding Tape Steel Blue is a binding tape made from Sattler Marine Grade Fabric for a perfect color match. It's cut on the bias (at an angle) and the lengthwise edges of the binding are folded under to minimize fraying and provide a clean finish. Use binding on canopies, dodgers, window covers, zipper flaps, awnings, enclosures, biminis and so much more.

Sailrite recommends bias binding because being cut on the bias allows the material to bend and take curves more easily than straight-cut binding. Because of this, bias binding also stays flatter and smoother at curves and corners than straight-cut binding.

Note: Bias binding will have splices along the length of the material where the manufacturer has joined the cuts of fabric. This is completely normal and to be expected.


  • Cut on the bias with a double edge fold.
  • UV and fade resistant.
  • Water resistant.
  • Mold, mildew and stain resistant.