Ultraleather® Original Riviera 54" Fabric
Ultraleather® Original Riviera 54" Fabric
Ultraleather® Original Riviera 54" Fabric
Ultraleather® Original Riviera 54" Fabric
Ultraleather® Original Riviera 54" Fabric

Ultraleather® Original Riviera 54" Fabric

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Product Details

Ultraleather® Original is a popular animal-friendly, PVC-free leather alternative that sets new standards for aesthetics, performance, convenience and luxury. With the look and feel of the finest European calfskin, Ultraleather boasts a rich texture, extremely supple hand and incredible durability. Designed for longevity, this 100% polyurethane indoor upholstery fabric tailors easily, cleans effortlessly and maintains a subtle grain texture similar to the surface of genuine leather.

Ultraleather features climate control technology that is proven to be more resistant to temperature changes than vinyl and genuine leather. Ultraleather stays cool in warmer weather and resists cold weather stiffening and cracking, resulting in a fabric that stays soft and comfortable in all types of climates and temperatures.

Ultrafabrics, the makers of Ultraleather, are leading the way in the textile industry for sustainability and transparency in manufacturing processes. Ultraleather’s backing material is made from TENCEL™ Modal, manufactured from beech wood and sourced from sustainable forests. The fibers are produced using a process that recycled water and solvents in an eco-responsible way.

Ultraleather is ideal for a variety of indoor upholstery projects including living room and dining room seating, ottomans, headboard upholstery and more. It's easy to clean, easy to sew and extremely durable, making it a great choice for your interior upholstery applications.

Ultraleather Original fabrics are not intended for applications with high levels of sun exposure. It can be used with caution in sunrooms if there is adequate shade and indirect sun exposure. This fabric is intended for indoor use only.

Please Note: This fabric is nonreturnable.

Tips for Sewing Ultraleather:

  • Ultraleather is a very slippery and stretchy fabric. When sewing panels together, the bottom layer will feed faster than the top (in most cases) even if you use a walking foot sewing machine. We recommend using Seamstick 1/4" Basting Tape for Canvas & Upholstery (#104167) to baste seams together prior to sewing. If sewing a cushion, be sure the double sided tape is far away from the first stitch so it does not show up when the cushion is complete and turned right side out. If you don't want to use basting tape, use Wonder Clips (#121876) and add match-up marks along the two panels every 12 to 18 inches to ensure that you sew panels together without stretching one more than the other while sewing.
  • You do not need a specialty needle for Ultraleather. A standard size #16 Round/Sharp Point needle works great.
  • You should use nylon upholstery thread in a size Tex 70 or smaller. Since the fabric stretches so much, the nylon thread will give and take (stretch and go back to shape) when an occupant sits on the cushion or upholstered piece. A polyester thread will not stretch enough. This should help prolong your fabric's life at the seams.
  • We recommend a 4mm to 5mm stitch length when sewing Ultraleather.
  • The upper tension should be reduced as much as possible. It is wise to see a little bit of the thread knot on the bottom side of the fabric. This will almost eliminate wrinkles and puckers that naturally happen when sewing a seam.