Best Gifts for Hobby & Craft Sewers

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Crafters and hobbyists generally sew things such as leather, bags, purses, quilts, pet projects, accessories and more. Because these types of sewers can work on a wide variety of projects, it’s best to get the gifts that they can use in more ways than one. Sewing notions such as scissors, thread burners, marking chalk and rotary cutters can go a long way for any kind of DIYer, and they’re generally inexpensive. If the special someone in your life cuts a lot of fabric, rope or webbing, we recommend checking out our Sailrite® Edge Hotknife package. A revolving hole punch is a great staple for leather crafters. We’ve organized this gift guide into price categories — gifts under $250, under $100 and under $50 — to suit any budget, and we’ve also included links below each product for easy shopping.

Gifts Under $250

Sailrite® Deluxe Edge Hotknife Package (110V)

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This handheld tool excels where scissors cannot. This hotknife heats in seconds and is used to cut synthetic fabric, webbing and rope with precision and speed. The heat also seals the edges of these materials so they will not fray, a common problem when using scissors. This deluxe package comes with the hotknife, several different cutting blades, and our heat-resistant cutting glass. It makes cutting synthetic material faster and easier than ever!

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Gifts Under $100

Professional 10" Scissors

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These are the next best thing when you can’t use a hotknife to cut fabric. These professional-quality shears beautifully slice through fabric and other materials for smooth, clean cuts and maximum cutting efficiency. The scissors feature a full-length “blade to tip” design for optimum cutting balance and are ideal for thicker, difficult-to-cut fabrics. The blades can be resharpened to like-new quality and precision.

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DIY Bag Kits

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Our bag kits come with all the fabric and materials needed to sew a high-quality bag. With our detailed video instructions, we make it so easy for DIYers of any skill level to complete one of these projects. And the result is a beautiful bag that can be used for traveling, grocery shopping, the gym and much more. It’s a fun way to brush up on your sewing skills or a great gift to give new sewers. Choose from duffle bags, backpacks or a tote bag!

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Easy Snap Fastener Installation Kit

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Anyone installing snaps for bags, purses and other craft projects needs this snap fastener set! It includes a 1/8-inch drill hole cutter to cut a hole in any fabric and a special cutting block and die holder to act as a portable protective cutting surface. You can then install snaps with the two-piece snap setting tool. (Mallet not included.)

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Quick Cutting

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A quality rotary cutter is a fast, easy way to cut fabric and other materials. Rotary cutters do not cause hand fatigue after prolonged cutting the way that scissors do because they roll easily, sort of like a pizza cutter. When combined with a self-healing cutting mat, our premium rotary cutter is perfect for anyone who works with fabric, leather, paper, vinyl and more. The cutting mat is necessary for anyone using a rotary cutter as it protects the floor or table from cut marks.

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Sailrite® Professional Rotary Hole Punch

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This high-quality hole punch is great for anyone who works with leather or needs to punch holes in fabric for belts, straps and more. With an ergonomic handle for comfort, this revolving hole punch features six drive tubes ranging from 5/64- to 3/16-inch. This professional-quality tool cuts clean, precise holes in materials up to 1/2 inch thick. This tool will save the hobbyist in your life time and frustration on their next project.

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Gifts Under $50

Thread Snips

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A good pair of thread snips can save you time and frustration on your next project. Thread snips are a practical gift that can be used over and over again. Small snips are easier to maneuver close to your fabric than scissors. They’re a real sewing staple!

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Nifty Notions

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Everyone needs a thimble to prevent needles and pins from poking their fingers. If you want to save the sewer in your life from fighting with pesky pins, fabric clips hold fabric layers together without leaving pin marks or poking your fingers. They’re great for holding multiple layers of fabric and leather.

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Sailrite® Battery Operated Thread Burner

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Sewing is never without pesky thread ends, but we have a fun, fast way to seal them! Our thread burner is a handheld tool that quickly and expertly seals synthetic threads to prevent them from fraying. It’s perfect for any crafter or hobbyist and it won’t harm their fingers or their fabric!

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Marking & Measuring

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Whether your special someone is patterning, quilting or crafting, they’ll need a ruler or measuring tape as well as a washable marking tool. Using the right supplies can make all the difference between a passable project and a perfect one. It’s always smart to have an assortment of these useful notions on hand for any sewing project. We offer a great selection of rulers, measuring tape, marking pencils, tailor's chalk and more for every type of sewing project.

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Wrapping Up!

If you're still feeling a little confused about what gift is best for that special sewist in your life, don't hesitate to reach out to us! Our customer support staff is available via email, phone or the chat function on our website. We'd be happy to help you make the best gift selection for your budget and unique needs. If there's one thing we know, it's sewing! Don't forget to check out our other gift guides below.

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