Best Gifts for Canvasworkers

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If you’re shopping for a canvasworker, you’ve come to the right place! Canvaswork is a broad range of projects including everything from sewing a bimini, dodger or cover for your boat, sewing a patio awning or covers for your grill or outdoor furniture, or even sewing RV awnings, covers for your motorcycle, golf cart or car, and so much more. Whatever type of canvasworker is on your holiday gift list, Sailrite® has all the supplies they need to make their DIY dreams a reality.

Consider giving the special sewer in your life a gift they’ll appreciate and use for years to come. We stock only the highest quality tools and supplies from the best brands in the sewing industry. Our holiday gift guide takes the guesswork out of what to buy that hard-to-shop-for DIYer. We’ve organized our gift guide into three price ranges, so whatever your budget you’re sure to find the perfect gift that will be the hit of the holidays.

Splurge Gifts: $150 and up

Mid-Range Gifts: $50-$150

Budget-Friendly Gifts: $50 and under

Splurge Gifts:

Sailrite® Ultrafeed® LSZ Sewing Machine

The mainstay of any canvasworker’s sewing room is a well-built and dependable sewing machine. The Ultrafeed LSZ is a robust, cast iron sewing machine with all-metal internal components and proprietary technology unmatched by anything else on the market. The high foot lift can fit multiple layers of canvas and webbing, and the walking foot climbs over thickness changes in fabric assemblies with ease. Having the versatility of sewing both straight and zigzag stitches is one of the reasons we recommend the LSZ for canvaswork. Its portability means that your canvasworker can take it from room to room, outside and even to the marina if they have a boat.

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Canvas & Sail Package for Ultrafeed® LSZ

The Canvas & Sail Package is a must-have complement to the Ultrafeed LSZ. It includes notions, accessories and machine attachments that will help the sewer in your life breeze through their canvas and sail projects. The Left Zipper Foot is crucial for installing zippers and boltrope, and the 1-inch binder attachment is a popular accessory for finishing edges on dodgers, biminis, awnings and more. And that's not all. Your canvasworker will discover other helpful notions, including an assortment of needles and thread, that will enhance the quality of their finished projects. Put this carefully curated collection of sewing essentials in your loved one's hands today!

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Canvasworkers' Tool Kit

Chock-full of the most useful and desirable canvaswork tools and supplies, our Canvasworkers' Tool Kit is an amazing and thoughtful gift any DIYer would be eager to receive. Chosen by our experts, we have included all the tools to get any beginner started or to provide any experienced canvasworker with an essential tool kit. These tools are the mainstays of canvaswork and can be used again and again. Including canvasworking staples like the Sailrite® Edge Hotknife, Pres-N-Snap Installation Tool, Barry King Mallet Hammer, trusty Gingher® scissors, an assortment of spur grommets and fasteners, and so much more, this kit is full of products guaranteed to get the job done.

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Sailrite® Deluxe Edge Hotknife Package

The Sailrite Deluxe Edge Hotknife Package makes cutting synthetic fabric, webbing and rope a breeze. The hotknife seals as it cuts so your ends won’t fray and unravel. This package is sure to make life much easier for the canvasworker on your gift list. The Deluxe package includes the hotknife body, three different blades, a tempered cutting glass to protect your work surface while cutting, a handy carrying case and more.

Shop Sailrite Deluxe Edge Hotknife Package (110V)

Shop Sailrite Deluxe Edge Hotknife Package (220-240V European)

If the Deluxe package is out of your price range, then consider the original Sailrite Edge Hotknife Package. It excludes the cutting glass and two of the alternate blades, but it is still a fantastic and considerate gift.

Shop Sailrite Edge Hotknife Package (110V)

Shop Sailrite Edge Hotknife Package (220-240V European)

Pres-N-Snap Deluxe Installation Package

Any canvasworker would be lucky to receive this gift! The Pres-N-Snap tool is a professional-grade fastener installation tool that lets you set fasteners with one hand. This tool automatically punches a hole and installs the fastener while letting you keep one hand on the fabric. The Pres-N-Snap Deluxe Installation Package includes the Pres-N-Snap tool along with six dies for setting standard, ligne 24 snap fasteners as well as #1 plain washer grommets. Rounding out this incredible gift is an assortment of snap fasteners for a wide range of canvas projects. This all-in-one package is great for any DIYer who needs to quickly and easily install fasteners for marine, outdoor, automotive and hobby projects.

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Sailrite® Deluxe SnapRite® Package

An alternative snap fastener setting system, the Sailrite Deluxe SnapRite Package includes everything you need to install snap fasteners with more ease, speed and precision than ever before! This exclusive package includes the Sailrite® SnapRite® System, created by Sailrite® owner Matt Grant. The SnapRite System features a set of four dies that work with a standard rivet gun to install button, socket, stud and eyelet snap fastener components. Also included is an assortment of 260 nickel-plated brass snap fastener components. This unique gift is sure to delight your favorite canvasworker.

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Mid-Range Gifts:

Sailrite® Drill Hole Cutter Set

Installing grommets, snap fasteners, twist-lock fasteners and more is a common task for canvasworkers. Make the job so much faster and easier with the Sailrite Drill Hole Cutter Set — no hammer or mallet required! This all-in-one kit includes seven sizes of hole cutters that fit a 3/8-inch drill chuck (drill not included). The kit comes with the Sailrite® Cutting Block & Die Holder and a well-made carrying case keeps everything together so you don't lose any components. It's great for taking on your boat, in your car or anywhere you work on canvas projects.

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Easy Snap Fastener Installation Kit

This is a complete kit for cutting holes and installing fasteners in canvas applications. Grill covers, biminis, dodgers and boat enclosures, boat covers, patio furniture covers — almost all covers need snap fasteners to keep them safely secured and your property protected from the elements. This kit contains the tools you need to get the job done! Snap fasteners sold separately. Drill not included.

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Barry King Maul Round Style 3#

The Barry King Maul Round Style 3# is a premium-quality tool that every canvasworker needs in their toolbox. Installing fasteners and grommets and cutting holes in canvas is made easy with this high-quality tool. This maul features a round nylon head that is fastened to a handcrafted leather handle that features extra cushioning and perfectly conforms to your hand for a secure, comfortable grip time and time again.

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Easy Fit Kit in Waterproof Box

This kit is a lifesaver for canvasworkers. It allows you to position and reposition the female portion of a snap fastener assembly as needed so you can find the perfect fit prior to installation, thereby creating a very nice-looking and tight-fitting cover. It’s perfect for cockpit covers, tonneau covers, boat side curtains and enclosures, biminis, dodgers and more. The included storage box is waterproof, crushproof and it floats! And the best part is, this kit can be used over and over.

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UV Bonded Polyester Thread Assortment Pack

A canvasworker can never have too much thread! Our Thread Assortment Pack includes full cones and hembobs of both Tex 70 and Tex 90 polyester UV thread as well as 10 bobbins, which you can never have too many of. UV treated polyester thread is the most common thread used in canvaswork due to its resistance to UV damage. The Style A hembobs and Class 15 bobbins are compatible with the Sailrite® Ultrafeed® and Leatherwork® Sewing Machines. This thread bundle is an A+ gift for any canvasworker.

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Zipper Jig

Canvaswork projects can involve a lot of zipper installations. This incredibly handy Zipper Jig holds your Lenzip® and YKK® zipper sliders for easier and quicker assembly to your zipper teeth. This Zipper Jig is a much needed third hand for securing the zipper slider to the chain. With this tool, you can put your zipper on forward or backward.

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Budget-Friendly Gifts:

Patterning Must-Haves

Help your DIYer make easy work of patterning their next canvaswork project with these incredibly useful products. Basting tape makes quick work out of creating hems and keeping fabric layers together prior to sewing. We use it in almost all of our project videos! The Chalk Pencil Cartridge Set keeps your fingers chalk-free while you mark cutting and hemming lines. A variety of colors will show up on any color fabric. The Sailrite® Canvas Patterning Ruler is sure to become their new favorite ruler, and Dura-Skrim® Patterning Material is a must-have for patterning canvaswork pieces prior to cutting fabric for perfect results every time.

Shop Seamstick Basting Tape

Shop Sailrite Canvas Patterning Ruler

Shop Dura-Skrim Patterning Material

Shop Chalk Pencil Cartridge Set

Handy Helpers

These DIY essentials make great stocking stuffers! Every canvasworker needs a great pair of scissors. Give yours the best with these Gingher® precision-ground, knife-edge shears that cut multiple layers of fabric with ease. Thread nippers are handy to keep next to your sewing machine for trimming thread ends while sewing. The Sailrite® Battery Operated Thread Burner trims synthetic thread ends to keep them from unraveling. This handy tool is sure to become a favorite for your canvasworker. For patches and quick fixes, hand sewing is easier than bringing your canvas project to your sewing machine. The Speedy Stitcher® Sewing Awl kit allows you to manually produce lock stitches — just like a sewing machine!

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Shop Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl Kit

IMAR™ Strataglass™ Detailing 3 Pack Kit #42

For the marine canvasworker, this vinyl window detailing kit is sure to come in handy. Boat canvas projects like dodgers and enclosures have clear window panels. It’s important to protect and maintain your window material to keep it looking great and lasting for years. This three-step system has everything a canvasworker needs to keep their clear vinyl looking like new.

Shop IMAR Strataglass Detailing 3 Pack Kit

Thanks for Reading!

We hope this list of our favorite canvaswork gifts has made shopping for your DIYer a little easier. You can count on the experts at Sailrite to have the best sewing tools, fabrics, hardware and supplies in the industry. We keep everything stocked and ready to ship. And if you have any questions about products, our highly trained customer service representatives are ready to help. You can reach us via email, phone or the online chat function on the website. Be sure to check out our other holiday gift guides to help you find the perfect present for all your crafty loved ones!

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This blog was updated in February 2023 to reflect changes to the Ultrafeed LSZ and to include the Canvas & Sail Package for Ultrafeed LSZ.