Best Gifts for Sailors

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This holiday season, treat the sailor in your life to something truly special. Sailrite is here to help with all the must-have tools, hardware and supplies for the self-reliant sailor on your gift list. When it comes to sailing and sail supplies, you're in the right place. Sailrite® got its start back in 1969 selling sail kits and correspondence courses in sailmaking. From those humble beginnings, we've grown into the industry-leading source for all things sailing DIY — sailcloth, sailing tools and hardware, sewing machines and so much more.

Find out the best gifts for sailors.

In this holiday gift guide, we're bringing you our top picks for that hard-to-shop-for sailor. We've organized our recommendations into three price ranges. Even if you're on a budget, there's something to fit every shopper. Browse the lists below for lots of great gift ideas from stocking stuffers to big-ticket items that are sure to be a highlight of your loved one's holiday!

Splurge Gifts: $150 and up

Mid-Range Gifts: $50-$150

Budget-Friendly Gifts: $50 and under

Splurge Gifts:

Sailrite® Ultrafeed® LSZ Walking Foot Sewing Machine

Sailrite Ultrafeed LSZ Sewing Machine

For the beginner and experienced sewer, the Ultrafeed LSZ Sewing Machine is the best portable walking foot sewing machine on the market. Specifically designed with sailors in mind, this heavy-duty machine sews in both straight and zigzag stitch, so it's perfect for sailors who sew or repair their own sails. With all-metal internal components and patented technology, the Ultrafeed is robust, powerful and one-of-a-kind. Its portability means you can take it with you on the water. It's your most dependable first mate at sea. Recommended for boats up to and around 35 feet in length.

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Canvas & Sail Package for Ultrafeed® LSZ

Canvas & Sail Package upgrade for the Sailrite Ultrafeed LSZ Sewing Machine

This upgrade accessories package for the Ultrafeed LSZ Sewing Machine has everything you need to master sail and canvas projects. This unique assortment of sewing supplies was specially selected by the DIY experts at Sailrite. You'll find a specialty presser foot for sewing zippers and a binder for finishing canvas edges. You'll also find basting tape, a magnetic sewing guide, a seam ripper, and a wide assortment of thread and needle sizes. Outfit your Ultrafeed for sail work with this exclusive accessories package.

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Sailmakers' Tool Kit

Sailmakers' Tool Kit

Bad at making decisions? No problem! The Sailmakers' Tool Kit is the perfect all-inclusive gift for that sailor wanting to get into sewing their own sails and making sail repairs. Chosen by the Sailrite experts, we've included all the tools and basic notions to get any beginner started in sailmaking. It's an essential tool kit that even an experienced sailmaker will love. This kit contains the mainstays of sailmaking, and these tools will be used again and again.

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Sailrite® Edge Cordless Hotknife

Sailrite Edge Cordless Hotknife

When you're sewing on your boat or at the marina, you need the convenience and mobility of cordless tools. The Sailrite Edge Cordless Hotknife is the answer. It cuts and seals synthetic rope, webbing and fabric to prevent the ends from unraveling, as they would with regular scissors. With two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, you'll never run out of juice while working on projects. The blade heats quickly, and a spring-loaded safety switch ensures that you can easily manage the blade's temperature.

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WinchRite® Cordless Winch Handle

WinchRite Cordless Winch Handle

The WinchRite ABT by Sailology Cordless Winch Handle is the perfect addition to your sailing gear. The WinchRite makes raising and lowering heavy sails as painless and effortless as pressing a button! No more tiresome hand cranking. You can even use the WinchRite to raise and lower dinghies and motors onto the boat. The WinchRite includes an efficient lithium-ion battery and a convenient holder for when not in use. Designed with safety in mind, it features an integrated rubber inlay for anti-skid prevention and a weather-resistant cover for increased durability and protection.

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Harken® 2234 Deluxe Bosun’s Chair

Harken Bosun's Chair

This bosun's chair is safe, reliable and provides high strength and greater comfort than other bosun's chairs on the market. The wide seat provides a secure platform, and the chair's low halyard attachment gives sailors more room to work on the boat. The chair features an adjustable safety belt and two deep pockets for tools and supplies. A carrying case is included.

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Mid-Range Gifts:

Sailrite® Drill Hole Cutter Set

Sailrite Drill Hole Cutter

The Sailrite Drill Hole Cutter Set is a convenient, quick and effortless way to cut holes in sailcloth and canvas while at sea or docked at the marina — without needing a hammer or mallet! Everything you need (except a drill) is in this kit. Cut holes in multiple layers of fabric, webbing and leather with this set of seven hole cutters. Also included are the Sailrite® Cutting Block & Die Holder and a well-made carrying case so you don't lose any pieces. Drill hole cutters are compatible with a 3/8-inch drill chuck or larger.

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Sail & Canvas Repair Kit in Waterproof Box (Right Palm)

Sail & Canvas Repair Kit

A must-have for any sailor! This kit of essential tapes and patch materials is sure to come in handy and be used again and again. Includes products to make repairs in sail, canvas and vinyl fabrics. Waxed twine, hand sewing needles in assorted sizes, a seam ripper, adhesive backed Dacron® and a right-handed adjustable sailmaker's palm are just some of the items included in this incredibly useful kit. A waterproof floatable storage box keeps everything packed away and dry. Not available in a left-handed kit.

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Yachtsman Sail Repair Kit

Yachtsman Sail Repair Kit

This handy kit contains everything needed to repair your own sails. The Yachtsman Sail Repair Kit is ideal for offshore and blue water cruisers who need to repair their sails while at sea. The kit includes several essential sewing tools and notions including an adjustable sailor's palm, twine and UV treated thread, sailmaker's leather for chafe protection and patches, leech line, needles and more. Also included is the "Sail Repair Manual" written by Sailrite founder Jim Grant. The handy guide is full of practical repair procedures and step-by-step instructions on sail patching, sail cleaning and more. Available in both right- and left-handed kits.

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IMAR™ Captain's Bucket #507

IMAR Captain's Bucket

The ultimate boat cleaning kit! Your sailor will thank you for this thoughtful gift containing eight full-size cleaners and polishes to get their boat in tip-top shape and shining like new again. These are the essential products needed to clean a boat from top to bottom. Also included are a 2-1/2 gallon bucket and three sponges.

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Sailrite® Canvas Kits

Sailrite Canvas Kits

One of the best things about DIY is the sense of accomplishment and joy you experience when you make something with your own two hands. Give that gift of joy with one of our custom sewing kits. DIY kits are also the perfect way for a sailor to practice their sewing skills! Our Sailrite kits include all the fabric and supplies needed to sew well-made, custom kits for their sailboat. All they need is a sewing machine and basic sewing notions.

A Spinnaker Launching Bag Kit allows you to hoist your spinnaker quickly and easily right out of the bag. The kit comes in a range of sizes based on the square footage of the spinnaker, so make sure you know the size of the spinnaker before ordering the kit.

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There isn't a lot of space on a sailboat, that's why sheet bags are a great way to keep small items organized and out of the way. Our Sheet Bag Kit has a mesh pocket to allow water to drain. This is a great kit for beginner sewers!

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A hatch canopy is designed to protect an open hatch from sun and rain while allowing air to flow down into the cabin. The cover can be raised to increase airflow or lowered to help keep the rain and moisture out. This is an extremely useful hatch cover that any sailor would be happy to have for their boat.

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Budget-Friendly Gifts:

Hand Sewing Helpers

Hand sewing supplies

Not everything on a sail can be sewn with a machine. For small patches and repair jobs, it might be easier and faster to hand sew. That's why it's a smart idea to have hand sewing supplies at the ready on your boat. Items like our Adjustable Sailmakers Palm, hand sewing needles, waxed twine and seam ripper make great stocking stuffers for the sailor on your gift list.

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Shop Waxed Whipping Twine

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Scratch Awl

Scratch Awl

An extra helping hand! Sometimes it's impossible to hand sew a thick sail application without prepunching holes first. That's when a scratch awl comes in handy. It's especially useful for prepunching holes when installing a brass ring or eyelet in a sail corner.

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Gingher® 8" Scissors

Gingher Knife Edge Scissors

A well-made pair of scissors is as essential for a sewer as a needle and thread. These knife-edged shears are designed for cutting tough polyester and other synthetic materials. The long, precision-ground blades cut multiple layers of fabric easily — all the way to the tip! These scissors work well on slippery nylon and Dacron sailcloth and come in both right- and left-handed versions.

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Sailrite® Battery Operated Thread Burner

Sailrite Battery Operated Thread Burner

This handy gadget is used to seal raw thread ends to prevent them from unraveling. Use the thread burner instead of tying off thread ends for a cleaner and more professional-looking sewing project. This handheld tool is lightweight, easy to operate, and the tip heats up very quickly. Much more precise and safer than using a lighter to trim and seal synthetic thread ends.

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Speedy Stitcher® Sewing Awl Kit

Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl Kit

The Speedy Stitcher kit allows you to manually produce lock stitches — just like a sewing machine. It's the ideal gift for sailors who need to make small repairs to their sails or canvas projects. The kit comes with a straight and curved needle, waxed thread, sewing awl and easy-to-follow illustrated instructions.

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Tear-Aid® Repair Tape

Tear Aid Repair Tape

Sometimes a quick fix is needed when you're on the water. That's what's so great about Tear-Aid Repair Kits. These clear adhesive tapes repair holes and tears in canvas, plastic, rubber, vinyl, nylon sailcloth and more. The tape's unique elastic composition stretches and recovers, meaning the tape won't pull off when stretched. The tape is airtight and watertight, as well as puncture resistant. Every sailor needs these lifesavers in their emergency repair kit.

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Quick & Easy DIY Kits

Easy Canvas DIY Kits

These easy canvas kits are perfect for the sailor who already has all the tools and supplies they'll ever need. These sewing kits contain all the materials needed to sew a tiller cover or winch cover for your boat and, best of all, they can be completed in two hours or less! Both kits include high-quality Sunbrella® Marine Grade Fabric — the premium cover cloth of the marine industry.

The tiller is a horizontal pole or rod used to steer a sailboat, and it's important to keep it covered and protected when not in use. Only smaller sailboats have a tiller — larger boats have a wheel — so make sure your sailor's boat has a tiller before ordering this kit! If your sailor does have a wheel, search "binnacle cover kit" on the Sailrite website.

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Winch covers provide protection from rain, dust and other damaging elements. There's enough fabric in the kit to make multiple winch covers!

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We hope this gift guide has given you some great ideas for the sailor on your gift list. Sailrite is your one-stop shop for all things sailing and sewing. Be sure to check out our other gift guides if you have more than one crafty creator to buy for. Check out the links below.

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