Sail Numbers

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Easily install your own sail numbers and class insignia using pre-cut, self-adhesive sail numbers and polyester insignia fabrics from Sailrite®. Sail numbers are a must for racing sailboats and are your vessel’s unique identifier. Boats of a World Sailing Class must also feature the class insignia on their sails. Non-racing sailors often have sail numbers as well that reference the make, model and year of their boats.

Sailrite makes it very easy to apply sail numbers yourself by using our Adhesive-Backed Numbers. Made from durable Dacron® insignia material, these pre-cut numbers can be ordered in numbers zero through nine and come in various sizes ranging from 10 to 18 inches tall. Because they’re made with long-lasting, adhesive-backed material, they require no sewing for installation. Note that racing rules specify that your boat’s number be a minimum of 10 inches for boats up to 22 feet on the waterline; 15 inches for boats up to 32 feet and 18 inches for larger boats.

We also have a wide variety of insignia adhesive-backed fabric that you can use to create your own DIY sail numbers or insignia from scratch. If your numbers are wearing or fading, you can easily repair them using this material. It’s made from high-tack, residue-free polyester and provides inherent resistant to UV rays, so it won’t dry out or crack in the sun. Sailrite stocks Insignia fabric by the linear yard in classic colors like black, green, white, red and blue. This self-adhesive polyester is also often used for insignias and as an economical repair tape. Be sure to reference our guide on How to Replace Sail Numbers and Insignia for additional insight.

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