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In the market for thread that lasts a lifetime? You’ve met your match with this fantastic selection of lifetime thread from Sailrite®. Lifetime thread is designated as those threads that come backed by a lifetime warranty, so they’re recommended by us as a top-notch choice for outdoor applications in demanding conditions. Additionally, all of these threads are unaltered by exposure to UV rays, cleaning agents, pollution, rain, saltwater, snow, rot and extreme temperatures. Use any one of these lifetime threads where extreme sun exposure and weather fluctuations are a concern, such as on awnings, biminis, dodgers, boat covers, outdoor patio cushions, sail covers and more.

Lifetime thread from Sailrite is primarily made of two distinct materials — Sailrite® Lifetime Thread (formerly Profilen®) or Tenara®. Sailrite Lifetime thread is constructed from PTFE, which makes it slightly softer than Tenara thread. This thread is highly dirt-resistant and water-repellent and will endure in any environment. In fact, it has self-cleaning properties due to its high water repellency. This is the lifetime thread we recommend for use with oscillating hook sewing machines, such as the Sailrite® Ultrafeed®. Tenara thread is made by GORE® using a fluoropolymer construction and is the original lifetime thread. This type of thread is lubricated with a small amount of silicone wax, which helps provide lubrication. Tenara thread is best suited for rotary hook sewing machines like the Sailrite® Fabricator®, Professional, 111 and Big-N-Tall.

Tenara thread comes in both regular and heavyweight options, while Sailrite thread comes in a single size that’s comparable to a V-92 thread. Please be sure to reference our guide to Selecting the Right Lifetime Thread if you’d like additional information or advice on which type is best for your needs. One thing that we’d like to note is that you really can’t go wrong with a lifetime thread — after all, it’s backed by a warranty to protect it for life — so don’t overthink it! With that being said, you will want to consider choosing the one that’s best suited for your sewing machine (either oscillating or rotary hook) to ensure a smoother, easier sewing experience.

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