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Shock cord is a handy, jack-of-all-trades supply that is great to have aboard your vessel. Set sail with top-of-the-line shock cord (also called bungee cord) from Sailrite®
. Shock cord has myriad applications in sailing, including reefing ties, luff reinforcement in smaller sails, belaying jibs, tilling while single-handed, spinnaker turtle bag closures, tying sails in temporary applications and so much more. Not only is this type of cordage essential for onboard jobs, but it’s also useful for helping you haul your gear to and from the dock. This small but mighty sailing staple comes in multiple high-tech varieties at

We’ve got all the most practical shock cords on the market, including low-cost nylon shock cord that provides abrasion resistance in applications where a return force is needed. Our nylon shock cords are coated with a performance-grade nylon cover for durability in all marine environments and come in several diameters from Both our solid black and black and white bungee ropes can be ordered by the foot so that you get the exact amount required for your particular job. Easily narrow your search by width, as we have shock cord ranging from 1/8 inches thick to 5/16 inches thick.

You can easily pair your Sailrite bungee cord with our any of affordable bungee cord fittings, including hog rings, shock cord clips, plastic hooks and self-locking hooks. These easy-to-apply hardware solutions fit right onto the end of your standard shock cord so that you can use your cord for securing without separate clamps or knots. Stock up on several unique fittings to make your shock cord adaptable to various scenarios as they occur. Make sure to shop Sailrite’s complete selection of marine-grade cordage for top-of-the-line ropes and more.

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