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Secure your jib sail to the forestay using snaps and hanks from Sailrite®. Whether you’re sewing your own sail or replacing the clips or snaps on a hank-on sail, Sailrite has the appropriate hanks and snaps for your system. This type of system requires much fewer mechanical parts (less maintenance) than roller a furling system and can help you create the ideal sail shape in your next high-stakes race. We have snaps and hanks made from marine-quality brass, bronze, nylon and plastic.

We supply a variety of Swedish snaps, also called jib hanks, that you can use to secure a jib to the wire forestay. Available in several sizes, these snaps are cast from marine-quality brass and feature stainless steel springs for added performance. Please note that some Swedish snaps require a #3 pressed spur grommet for installation. For press-on Swedish snaps, you can use inserts from our selection that will help prevent chafing. We also have affordable bronze snaps that lock positively over the stay with a sliding piston that closes a hook end.

We also offer simple, inexpensive nylon hanks that can be used on boats under 20 feet. To install a nylon hank, simply insert a self-tapping screw (included) into the two plastic ears that fit over and behind the luff reinforcement. These lower-cost styles are used to secure jibs to the wire forestay in less demanding applications. We recommend choosing a Ronstan Snap Piston if you prefer the snap-style hank but need something with a bit of extra reinforcement for a larger boat. If you are unsure which hank to choose for your vessel, you can always reach out to us at Sailrite for one-on-one advice.

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