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The belt on your sewing machine is an integral component in ensuring that the motor runs smoothly and properly. Over time, the belt can become worn-down and begin to slip or lose tension and sometimes the belt can fully snap in half. Without a properly working belt, your sewing machine won’t be able to spin the hand wheel when the motor runs and you won’t be able to effectively use the machine. If you’re dealing with a damaged or broken sewing machine belt, Sailrite® can help. We have a wide variety of sewing machine belts for Sailrite sewing machines, including current and legacy models.

It’s easy to find the right replacement sewing machine belt for your particular machine when you narrow your search by machine. We offer belts for Ultrafeed®, Apprentice, Big-N-Tall, Professional, Mini-Walker, Fabricator®, SR200, Sailmaker, Sailrite 111 and Yachtsman Sewing Machines in our selection. It doesn’t matter if your Sailrite machine has long been discontinued, we’re committed to helping you keep it in play for as long as possible. In fact, we encourage our customers to make at-home upgrades and repairs — and it won’t compromise your warranty — because all of our sewing machines are built with self-reliant sewers in mind.

The best part about replacing the belt on your Sailrite machine is that it’s a relatively user-friendly process and it doesn’t cost much. We have everything from low-cost positraction belts and cogged timing belts all the way up to replacement belt covers for your large, industrial sewing machines. As always, Sailrite’s team of experienced sewing experts is on hand to help guide you through the process of finding the right belt for your sewing machine, as well as making the necessary repairs and upgrades. If you need assistance, feel free to contact us at any time.

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