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Leech line is useful for a wide range of sailing and crafting applications. In a standard sail, the leech line runs from the head of the sail down to the clew so that you can trim your sail and prevent luffing. This small-diameter cord is threaded inside a narrow pocket along the leech, effectively allowing you to pull the sail taut or loosen it as you please. Sailrite® offers high-quality leech line by the foot so that you can get the exact amount for your exact needs, whether you’re retrofitting an old mainsail or jib with leech line or making a new sail from scratch.

We have a large variety of Dacron® leech line at Sailrite.com. Dacron is a high-performance brand of polyethylene terephthalate (PETE) rope that provides high strength, excellent flexibility and extreme durability in the face of the elements. Our Dacron lines are more resistant to stretching and deterioration from sunlight than their nylon counterparts, so we always recommend this material for leech applications. Sailrite offers Dacron line for sailing that is braided for abrasion-resistance and excellent gripping power. Choose from multiple widths and two colors (black and white) in your desired length.

Installing a leech line on an old sail is simple with the help of Sailrite. We recommend adding a leech line if you want a relatively simple and low-cost way to improve your sail’s shape and performance, especially if your rig has a tendency to flutter. You can use pre-folded Dacron tape, Dacron leech line and cleats from our selection to add a leech line to any new or old sail. Make sure to reference our video on installing leech tape with leech line installing leech tape with leech line for more information. If you need advice on which type of leech line is best for your unique applications, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for personalized advice.

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