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Work smarter not harder with these sewing machine parts and accessories from Sailrite®. Our huge selection of sewing machine add-ons will make all of your projects run smoothly. Create the perfect setup for your machine with sewing machine tables, balance wheels, foot controls, sewing machine lights, thread stands and more. Browse our most popular sewing machine add-ons including specialty sewing machine feet and Ultrafeed® exclusive accessories in our curated category.

Keep your Sailrite sewing machine in good working order for years to come with these sewing machine parts. We’ve got parts for all Sailrite models, including Ultrafeed, Big-N-Tall, SR200, Sailmaker, 111, Professional® and more so that you can replace components after years of wear and get more money and mileage out of your existing machine. We’ve made it easy to find the right pieces and parts for your specific machine with handy filters that let you sort by machine, size, department and price. Pick up low-cost replacement parts or keep a drawer of spare parts on hand to address worn-down pieces as they occur.

Sailrite can help you with a wide range of sewing machine repairs, ranging from complete motor replacement to replacing small items like washers and screws. For Ultrafeed owners who take their machine on the go, we recommend investing in our Cruiser’s Spare Parts bundle of spare parts for Ultrafeed Sewing Machines. Long-distance cruisers who take their Ultrafeed on long hauls will benefit from keeping this handy spare parts assortment aboard. It includes a bobbin case, retaining ring cap spring, shuttle hook, timing belt, needle clamp screw, sewing machine oil and other essentials required to keep your machine in great shape no matter where you are.

Sailrite is committed to helping our customers make the most out of their machines, so we offer plenty of repair and maintenance references that offer step-by-step instructions. If you aren’t sure how to address a specific problem, you can always contact Sailrite’s team of experts for personalized advice.

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