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Your sewing machine features a variety of springs designed to help ensure that every mechanism moves as it should. Unfortunately, sometimes these springs can become damaged or lose their tension over time. Sailrite® can help you replace your sewing machines with a variety of low-cost springs for Sailrite sewing machines. Here you’ll find the right springs for Ultrafeed®, Yachtsman, Fabricator®, Mini-Walker, Professional, SR200, Sailrite 111 and Sailmaker Sewing Machines. Regardless of whether your machine is discontinued or still being sold, Sailrite can assist you in locating the appropriate springs and parts to keep it in great shape.

Another mechanism that may become damaged over time is the spring cap on your sewing machine. This plate runs across the top of the shuttle retainer ring to make your sewing machine sew properly in reverse. Unfortunately, the needle will occasionally be bent sufficiently to actually impact the edge of the opening in this plate. When that happens, a burr is created that can cause skipped stitches and broken thread, especially when sewing in reverse. To correct this, you can use one of our affordable replacement retaining ring cap springs.

We also carry a replacement feed regulator spring, which applies an upward pressure to the stitch length lever and keeps the lever from moving down while operating the sewing machine, as well as beehive springs that are commonly used in the upper tension assembly of your machine. Additional options include thread take-up springs, pressure foot springs, forked rod support springs, bobbin winder springs and more. We know that it can be difficult to know which spring you need to replace on your sewing machine, so we’re always available to answer any questions you may have or to point you toward the appropriate parts.

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