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Every Sailrite® Sewing Machine sold today is equipped with our patented Posi-Pin® Clutching System (Patent #7438009), which effectively provides 100% power transfer from the balance of the wheel to the needle via the upper drive shaft. This is an integral part of your sewing machine and helps eliminate clutch slipping while working with heavy, hard-to-penetrate materials such as canvas, denim and upholstery fabrics. We sell replacement pins and set screws should you ever need them.

If you’d like to retrofit a pre-Posi-Pin Sailrite machine to the Posi-Pin System, give us a call for a custom quote of the parts required to upgrade your sewing machine. Unfortunately, we do not allow retrofits of non-Sailrite Sewing Machines. The only way to experience the power of the Posi-Pin System is to upgrade an older Sailrite machine or purchase a new Ultrafeed®, Fabricator® or Professional® machine, which all have the Posi-Pin Clutching System installed.

If you plan on taking your Sailrite Ultrafeed Sewing Machine on the go — such as during long-distance sailing or RV trips — we recommend picking up an Ultrafeed Spare Parts Kit, which includes the replacement Posi-Pin plus a variety of other replacement parts that you may need throughout the life of your machine.

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