Needle Bars & Plates

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Easily replace your sewing machine’s needle plate or needle bar with the help of high-quality replacement parts by Sailrite®. A sewing machine’s needle plate can become damaged or broken by a needle strike, which can potentially cause skipped stitches. However, we’ve made it very simple to replace the needle plate and bar on your Sailrite sewing machine with a variety of affordable replacement parts. This selection also includes cutting-edge stitch length plates that can be used as upgrades to improve the performance of your sewing machine. We also carry durable replacement needle bars for a variety of Sailrite and non-Sailrite sewing machines.

If you’re looking for an Ultrafeed® plate that will provide you with even more consistent stitch lengths, we recommend the EZ Set™ Stitch Length Plate. This plate lets you achieve the longest possible stitch length and change from forward to reverse faster than ever. It features a spring-loaded lever that automatically moves to its forward-stitch length when released. Please note that this plate comes standard with all Ultrafeed Sewing Machines from 2015 and later, but you can use this affordable part to upgrade your older Ultrafeed model or to replace the one on your newer machine. To learn how to install the EZ Set Stitch Length Plate, click on the product and then click the videos tab for step-by-step instructions.

Sailrite also offers plenty of affordable needle plates for Big-N-Tall, Fabricator®, Apprentice, Mini-Walker, Professional, SR200, Sailmaker and Sailrite 111 Sewing Machines. We also carry styles that can be used on a variety of non-Sailrite machines. All of these plates are designed for long-term performance and are made with tough materials that support the fabric as the needle penetrates. You can choose affordable stitch length plates, zigzag needle plates, straight stitch plates and slide plates for use with many legacy and current Sailrite machines. This selection also includes helpful parts such as needle thread guides that allow you to replace the guide just above the needle insertion location.

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