Jaw Slides

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Jaw slides are an essential part of your DIY dodger or bimini project, as they’re used to attach tubing bows on frames of dodgers and biminis. They can also be used to make grab rails by providing the standoff space needed for a grab rail with cloth behind it or in home or commercial awning framing applications. Many of these jaw slides are designed to mount onto components without disassembling the frame for quick, easy installation. For example, our split side mounts are perfect for retrofits, as they require no modification to existing frames.

Sailrite® is happy to help you find the right jaw slide for your specific project. We have hinged jaw slides, sliding side mounts and split side mounts made of marine-grade stainless steel to provide serious durability and corrosion resistance in the face of harsh marine environments. These styles are polished to a high luster for a bright finish and many are compatible with standard marine end fittings. There is also a selection of lower-cost nylon jaw slides available, perfect for use on bimini and home awning frames.

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