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Keep your boat looking as sparkly and new as it did on its maiden voyage with these boat repair and maintenance products from Sailrite®. We have everything you need to get your boat back to tip-top shape, whether you’re performing essential seasonal maintenance before you put your boat in storage or are embarking on a complete boat restoration endeavor. Don't own a boat? We also have reputable products to keep your fabric and other materials in tip-top shape. Sailrite offers top-quality cleaners, lubricants, protectants, sealants, repair tapes and repair kits to address any size job. We’ve got best-sellers like 303® Fabric Guard™, IMAR™ Vinyl Cleaner, 3M™ Marine Silicone and Butyl Tape.

Dedicated boaters know that a thorough cleaning is essential to keeping a vessel performing at its best. Our large selection of marine boat cleaners will help you restore and refresh every last element of your boat, from a fiberglass hull to the motor’s propeller. These top-quality boat cleaners address common marine-related issues, including rust, mold, mildew, salt stains and sun damage. If you’ve got a well-seasoned vessel, you know that one of the most common issues is corrosion. You can address corroded snaps, hinges, zippers, hardware and other metal elements using our marine-grade lubricants.

We also have a large selection of boat repair solutions that every captain should keep aboard. Employ easy-to-use marine repair tape for jobs like laminating or patching sailcloth, canvas, Ripstop nylon, vinyl and canvas. These bundles include tools and supplies for repairing sails, canvas and vinyl on the go. Pick up a quick-stitching sewing awl so that you can get back on the water fast. Not sure which repair and maintenance products are best for you? Sailrite employs a team of marine experts who can always provide personalized advice.

To keep your fabrics protected and looking new outside of the marine world, check out our 303 Stain Guard for Indoor Fabrics, which is an easy-to-use protective spray for your upholstery and other interior fabrics. We also carry 303 Fabric Guard, a product used to restore water repellency, protect against oil-based liquids and other stains for indoor and outdoor fabric, carpet and upholstery.

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