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Whether you want a backup for taking with you on the go or need a full replacement, Sailrite® has the perfect foot controls for your unique needs. These deluxe foot controls can also be used as an upgrade on your existing model. For example, you can upgrade less powerful controls on your discontinued Sailrite sewing machines with a higher voltage option if you need more power and better variable speed control. These high-quality Sailrite foot controls also make ideal replacement parts for foot controls that have become damaged or broken over time.

If you’re looking for a high-quality replacement or upgrade foot pedal for Ultrafeed® Sewing Machines, then you’re in luck. The majority of our foot controls are compatible with both the Ultrafeed LSZ-1 and LS-1 models. Both of these machines come standard with a powerful 220- to 240-volt option from our store, which we also offer separately as a replacement or backup option. This type of foot control is designed to run at peak performance without getting hot or making that typical arching noise that comes from carbon pile foot controls. We also sell very affordable food pedals without the wiring so you can connect them to your existing wires.

Sailrite also stocks replacement sewing machine foot controls for Mini-Walker, SR200, Sailmaker and Yachtsman Sewing Machines. All of these products are made with rugged, long-lasting materials to endure throughout years of big sewing projects. Make sure to read the product descriptions on each style to ensure that the foot pedal is compatible with your particular machine. If you need one-on-one advice about which foot control to purchase for your specific needs, we recommend that you contact us via phone or email to speak with an expert and get one-on-one advice.

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