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Whether you need to create an adjustable webbing strap or keep loose webbing ends from flapping, this selection of webbing hardware from Sailrite® has the perfect solution. Our assortment includes top-quality hardware by YKK® and Suncor® made from premium materials like ultra-lightweight, durable plastic and corrosion-resistant, marine-grade stainless steel. This variety includes webbing fasteners, webbing sliders and D-rings as well as comfortable shoulder pads that help make carrying heavy loads even easier.

YKK Loop Locs are webbing fasteners that are specifically designed to hold loose pieces of webbing in place to avoid flapping or whipping in the wind. Made from high-strength, lightweight Polyacetal plastic, these components are a good choice for marine applications. We also have Adjustable Webbing Sliders by YKK and Suncor, made from heavy-duty Polyacetal plastic and stainless steel, respectively. This type of slider is used to easily adjust the length of a webbing strap or tie-down assembly.

Sailrite also offers a large selection of high-quality YKK D-Rings Without Bars. These durable hardware pieces are used as an attachment point for a snap hook or other device and are great for installing at the end of webbing. You can employ two D-rings at the end of the webbing to create a snap adjustor or belt buckle. We also supply sewable nylon D-rings that you can use in any light-duty fabric application where you want to eliminate the need for cutting and sewing an extra web attachment piece. Be sure to stop by our complete selection of fasteners and hooks for more easy-to-install fastening options for your next big project.

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