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Make your own throw pillows and more with this selection of luxurious pillow forms from Sailrite®. Available in a huge selection of shapes and sizes, we’ve got pillow inserts for every single pillow project. Make your own neck roll pillow with cylindrical pillow forms or choose a standard square pillow form for accenting furniture and beds. Once you’ve chosen the pillow to suit your unique project, browse Sailrite’s huge selection of fabric, trim and notions to create a pillow that will look right at home in your unique space, whether it be the living room, bedroom or the cabin on your cruiser.

Our Indoor/Outdoor pillow inserts can be used for interior home, RV and marine bedding uses, as well as outdoor projects. They are water-resistant, which gives them increased protection against the elements. These pillow forms are made using a garnered fiber stuffing, which ensures that the pillow has more body and less compression over time. If you'd like to learn more about what this means for your pillows and why our selection is superior, check out our blog titled, "Garnetted vs Blown Fiber Pillows — What's the Difference?" (#300439XHT).

If you’re looking to make patio pillows or boat pillows, Sailrite can assist you with finding the appropriate finishes for the job. Pick from hundreds of stylish marine fabrics and trim options that will withstand constant exposure to the elements. You can use any of our Indoor/Outdoor pillow inserts and marine-grade fabric options to create water-resistant outdoor pillows. We also have a huge selection of home décor and upholstery fabrics that you can use for indoor applications. Sailrite is a second-generation family business with decades of experience in the sewing industry, so we’re more than equipped to assist you with finding the right supplies for even your most elaborate projects.

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