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Adhesive Promoters

3 Products

Create the strongest bond between your adhesives and the surface you’re applying them to with our adhesive promoters. You can use these products in conjunction with tape, glue and other adhesives in order to form a stronger bond on a variety of surfaces. Here at Sailrite®, we recommend the use of these products in order to improve the holding strength of YKK® SNADs®, but they can also be used for a wide range of other projects around your boat and home.

If you need a product to help make 3M™ tapes stick better, we highly recommend picking up 3M Tape Primer 94. This product works on a range of surfaces — from polypropylene and ABS plastic to wood, glass, metal and concrete — and is one of our top picks for use with YKK SNADs. This product is very easy to use when applied to a clean, dry surface and can be effectively removed using isopropyl alcohol. Sailrite stocks 3M tape primer in various convenient options, including an 8-ounce can for larger jobs and a ready-to-use ampule for quick fixes and smaller applications.

We also supply 3M Silane Glass Treatment, which is a top-quality glass adhesive promotor that allows you to improve holding power on glass surfaces. Because glass is a hydrophilic surface, it tends to attract moisture and humidity, which can cause your adhesives to perform worse than expected. 3M glass treatment converts the glass into a hydrophobic surface so that it repels water for an improved bond. Sailrite also specifically recommends this product for use with YKK SNADs when you’re applying them to a glass surface. It comes in a convenient 4-ounce spray bottle from our store.

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