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Find a variety of extra components for your sails to keep everything in good working order and make sailing more enjoyable. This variety includes replacement ball bearings, tell tales, draft tape, end stops, stainless steel hoops and handholds. Whether you want to improve your racing performance with easy-to-identify draft tape or fix up your ball bearing blocks with spare parts, Sailrite’s selection of sailing hardware is bound to include the components you need.

Sailrite® is the best place to stock up adhesive-backed Dacron® tape for racers who need a quick way to reference and adjust their sail shape. Available in red, black and blue, this sailing tape allows you to apply strips in horizontal bands across the sail to make shape changes more obvious. We supply 1-inch wide draft tape at Sailrite. In the same vein, you can pick up a set of lightweight Air-Flow Tell Tails made from Ripstop nylon to help you identify the air flow across your sails and trim them appropriately for the best possible performance.

Sailrite also stocks many sailing related hardware and accessories, including handy stainless steel hoops that you can use to hold open your spinnaker bag so that the sails can be stuffed in and removed more easily and quickly. We also sell replacement Torlon ball bearings that you can use to replace the bearings on your blocks and other parts so that your sail furls freely when you need it to. These are the ideal choice for replacing the bearings on your low-load dinghy cars and higher load keelboats and offshore boats. Sailrite also carries essentials like Harken handholds and end stops in this selection.

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Draft Tape Black 1"
Harken® 177 Ball Bearings 1/4" Torlon (21 pack)
MSRP $16.25 /PK
Draft Tape Red 1"
Draft Tape Blue 1"
Hoop Stainless Steel 20"
Hoop Stainless Steel 16"
Hoop Stainless Steel 24"
Harken® 062 Handhold
MSRP $18.10 /EA