Flag Fabric

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Sailrite® is your go-to shop for all things related to your DIY project. If you’re in the market for custom flag-making applications, we recommend using our super affordable nylon flag cloth. Available in many unique colors, this rugged fabric can be used for making flags, banners, bags, windsocks and more. It’s constructed from Type 66 standard 4-ounce nylon (200 Denier) by SolarMax that is designed to withstand the elements. You can even create a set of International Signal Flags using this material in red, white, blue, black and yellow or make your own Courtesy Flags with these products. Although it’s durable, this type of fabric is not recommended for covers or sails due to its stretch- and UV-resistant properties. Lastly, we offer 6 x 6-inch samples of these fabrics so you can see and feel them in person before making your final decision.