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Let’s face it, installation jobs are some of the most frustrating. Sailrite® has a broad assortment of installation tools designed to help you install hardware the simple way. Install fasteners, grommets, upholstery tack strips, hog rings, eyelets, studs and more with tools from this selection at We have an amazing variety of fastener installers — including the SnapRite®
 Snap Installer System by Sailrite — as well as awls, hole cutters, hand punch tools, dies, upholstery mallets, rivet tools and much, much more. Shop options by DOT®, Hoover, Pres-N-Snap, Stayput and Tenax®.

Looking for a snap installation tool? You’ll find it here at Sailrite. We have all the best tools for installing snap fasteners, including the complete SnapRite System created by Sailrite owner Matt Grant. This incredible snap installer kit comes with a heavy-duty rivet tool, a button die, a socket die, an eyelet die, a stud die and more. The result is a complete set of snap installation tools for literally thousands of jobs. What’s cool about this kit is that the dies work with any standard rivet gun, so you don’t have to waste money on a new one if you already own one. Plus, it comes with a cast aluminum rivet tool that is lightweight yet rugged.

We also offer simple snap fastener installation tools sold separately for a budget-friendly option for snap installation. Sailrite also carries great drapery and upholstery installation tools, including high-quality upholstery hammers and grommet dies that make your job so much easier. Shop our complete collection to find an option that’s tailor-made to your needs.

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Rawhide Mallet 2#
#2 Hole Cutter 3/8"
Hole Cutter 1/8"
#0 Hole Cutter 1/4"
#1 Hole Cutter 5/16"
#3 Hole Cutter 7/16"
#4 Hole Cutter 1/2"
#5 Hole Cutter 5/8"