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Make sure your craft or upholstery kit is well stocked with the most basic of upholstery supplies when you shop these fabric staples from Sailrite®. We have various size staples for Sailrite, EZE and Markwell staple guns to ensure that you get the right fit and durability to meet your individual applications. For example, we have high-crown staples in either galvanized or stainless steel staples that are a perfect choice for vinyl upholstery. The rust-resistant stainless steel staples are the best choice for use in demanding marine environments.

Our upholstery staple sizes range in length, we offer sizes 1/4-, 3/8-, 1/2- and 9/16-inch to meet your unique needs. These staples are compatible with Sailrite and EZE Staple Guns. To choose the appropriate staple sizes for upholstery projects, you will want to consider the thickness of your fabric assembly. For example, a larger staple will create a better hold on several layers of thick canvas or leather but are not as easy to remove. If you need to bind materials temporarily or to make constant adjustments, then a smaller staple is a better choice. Our best advice is to always have the three most common sizes: 1/4 (.25)-inch, 3/8 (.375)-inch and 1/2 (.5)-inch in your crafting box to accommodate different jobs.

Sailrite has two types of staples for Sailrite® Upholstery Staple Guns, both of which feature a 1/2 (.5)-inch crown. They come in either galvanized or stainless steel to suit your unique needs. We always recommend using stainless steel staples in demanding environments, including marine upholstery, because they provide a higher level of durability and corrosion resistance compared with the galvanized options. We also offer Markwell staples for P4C and P4A Plier Staplers made with precision-engineered materials for high-performance.

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