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If you’re like many of us, you’re probably slightly overwhelmed by the idea of installing grommets when sewing awnings, canopies, boat covers and other similar items. One of the simplest ways to eliminate the use of grommets is to choose lacing tape, which is a thin fabric strip with reinforced lacing holes that provide a secure closure without the need for frustrating hardware installation. When you opt for lacing tape such as E-Z Lace Supreme, you don’t have to purchase extra die sets required to set grommets. Sailrite® has several E-Z Lace options that make a great alternative to grommets.

Although it seems counterintuitive, E-Z Lace Supreme fabric is actually 25 percent stronger than traditional grommets. They can be installed during the sewing process without special tools, die sets or grommets, and they feature 1-inch lacing holes every 3 inches for easy customization. These lacing tape options are made from high-quality polyester blend fabric that’s UV-resistant, mildew-resistant and high in durability and strength. In fact, they are all reinforced with Armor Bar™ high-tenacity polyester yarn to improve tear resistance. Use E-Z Lace for outdoor and marine applications, including on your DIY boat and sail covers, awnings, tents, cushions, wind barriers and privacy shields.

We offer 2-inch-wide E-Z Lace Supreme in an assortment of stylish colors to match your individual preferences and to complement your particular project, including green, red, gray, black, white and blue. Sailrite is always working on new ideas to help simplify big projects. If you prefer traditional grommets rather than lacing tape, don’t be deterred! We’ve created unique products like the Sailrite® Jiffy Grommet With Rivets to help make installing grommets easier. This handy gadget allows you to install grommets without the use of special tools. Simply use a hammer to mushroom the ends of the aluminum rivets in place.

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