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Upholstery Tool Kit

3 Products

These jam-packed upholstery tool kits will help you finish a wide range of upholstery jobs with a single bundle. With options ranging from beginner’s kits with basics for those who’d like to dabble in the craft all the way up to premium options that include specialty tools for the professional upholsterer, there’s a kit in our collection that surely matches your unique needs. For those who need specialty upholstery tools and supplies, we highly recommend creating your very own upholsterer’s tool kit using our selection of upholstery tools.

If you prefer a pre-bundled option, Sailrite® has great options that will help you save money on the basics and beyond. Beginners or those who need simple tools for a one-off project will enjoy the all-in-one convenience of our Upholstery Starter Kit, which comes with a tack hammer with a magnetic end, a webbing stretcher, needles, upholstery pins and more. This kit is the perfect choice for making upholstery repairs, especially if you need to fix up the sagging springs or webbing on a chair or sofa. We also have a mid-range option that includes extras such as a white rubber mallet, a tack hammer and a staple lifter.

Professional upholsterers will also find a kit in this selection to suit their needs. Our most well-equipped kit is the Upholstery Tool Kit, which comes complete with essential and cutting-edge upholstery tools that can take on the most demanding work. It comes with the Sailrite® Short Nose Upholstery Staple Gun featuring a shock-absorbing handle and a powerful mechanism that lets you seamlessly bond even thick vinyl assemblies. This all-inclusive upholstery kit also comes with scissors, nippers, a cutting mat, twine, a tack and staple remover, binding tape, a tape measure, pins and plenty of other useful upholstery work supplies.

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Upholstery Tool Kit
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