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Rope splicing tools are an essential part of any crafter or sailor’s toolkit. They’re uniquely designed to help you create smoother splices, whether you’re looking for a useful way to form a stopper at the end of a line or need to make a smaller opening in a rope for a smoother, fairer splice. Sailrite® has the right splicing tools that you can use to create a helpful rope splicing kit for your needs. We have high-quality splicing latch hooks, splicing wands and fids to make your splicing jobs simpler and less daunting.

Splicing wands typically feature a long tube with a hidden snare inside that makes tucking easier. To use a splicing wand, slip the tool into the rope, grab the end you want to tuck and then slip the tool back out — it’s that simple. We carry a number of splicing wands made by Brion Toss, including small, medium and large models, all of which feature a clamping mechanism that allows you to use the tool with both hands unencumbered. You’ll want to choose a size that matches the specific width of the braided or parallel-core rope you’re using:

Sailrite also offers Brion Toss’s Point Hudson Phids in small and large sizes to suit a variety of ropes. This easy-to-use phid allows you to create smooth splices without hockles or sliced yarn. Choose small phids to work with ropes from .312 inches to .625 inches and large phids to suit ropes .75 inches to 1.125 inches.

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