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A bimini, also called a bimini top, is an open-front cover that’s used to shield the cockpit of your boat from rain, wind and sun. Sailrite® offers a large selection of DIY bimini kits that allow you to build one of these handy covers for your unique boat, with customization options that suit your demands and preferences. A bimini brings excellent shelter from sun, rain and spray, and is a must-have for long-haul cruises and all-condition day sails. Customize your bimini to suit your cockpit with any of these high-quality make-your-own bimini kits from Sailrite.

Our bimini kits come with everything you need to fashion your own custom bimini from scratch; from the frame and fittings, to a skin crafted from Sunbrella® fabric in your choice of color. The frame kits feature universal deck hinges made from 316 stainless steel with pivoting hinges, so they can adjust based on deck angles. The skin kits include thread, webbing, basting tape, strapping tape, snaps and more essentials, as well as incredibly helpful step-by-step instructions that will guide you through the process. The bimini skin kits, without the framing hardware, allow you to retrofit a new bimini top onto an old frame. You may also wish to replace an aging bow on your current bimini frame using our 1-bow frame kits. Be sure to check out our bimini boot kits that can help you extend the life of a collapsed bimini.

We can also help you make your own quick-tensioning webbing straps for your bimini using our practical Webbing Strap Kit, which includes nylon webbing, thread, snap hook, webbing sliders and more. When you buy any DIY kit from Sailrite, you always get easy-to-follow instructions. Beyond that, we back all of our make-your-own kits with reliable customer service.

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