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A dodger, also known as a spray hood, is an enclosed structure that protects your cockpit from harsh weather. Ideal for long-haul sailors, dodgers (unlike biminis) feature frame-supported canvas on the top, sides and front, so they provide extra protection from rain, spray and snow. Covering the companionway like a windshield, a dodger is a fantastic way to add complete protection in the cockpit. Sailrite® offers an assortment of easy-to-follow DIY dodger kits that provide a low-cost solution when compared to ordering a pre-assembled custom dodger. We offer sailboat dodgers in a wide variety of sizes and colors to ensure that you get the best setup for your boat.

Our dodger skin kit comes with the best-of-the-best materials, including Sunbrella® marine-grade fabric and O’Sea® clear vinyl. The Sunbrella fabric provides exceptional UV resistance and durability, while O’Sea’s clear vinyl material is super easy to clean so you can always see clearly, even in harsh conditions. The dodger frame kit also includes anti-corrosion, marine grade 304 stainless steel tubing and fittings that will withstand the elements. If you’d like to restore an old dodger with new fabric, you can use our dodger skin kit (doesn’t include the framing materials).

Each and every DIY dodger kit from Sailrite includes in-depth DVD and written instructions to ensure that yours comes out perfectly. What’s more, you’re always welcome to contact us if you have any questions during the assembly process. If you’re unsure whether these kits are in your wheelhouse (we assure you, with a bit of ingenuity, they are!) make sure to watch our How to Make a Dodger video that walks you through the entire process of building a dodger, including building the frame, patterning the fabric and then sewing it all together.

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