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Simplify stapling on your next big upholstery project! Sailrite® is proud to offer our own, exclusive brand of high-quality pneumatic staple guns. The Sailrite Long Nose and Short Nose Upholstery Staple Guns are designed for both the serious upholsterer and enthusiastic DIYer. These staple guns are lightweight and easy to use with an ergonomic, comfort handgrip. They are specially designed to drive staples in without cutting or tearing fabric. The Long Nose Staple Gun is helpful when working in tight spaces as the longer nose provides extended reach.

Both staple gun options shoot 1/2-inch crown staples as opposed to standard 3/8-inch staples, making them a great choice for working with delicate faux leather and vinyl upholstery work. Utilize these handy tools for upholstery projects for your home, boat, car or RV. These are a must for every upholsterer's toolbox. The staple guns are powered by an air compressor, a hose and fittings (not included).

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