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The presser foot is an integral part of your sewing machine, as it holds down the fabric onto the part that feeds it beneath the needle for stitching. Presser feet are designed to help you keep the fabric flat while you sew, effectively creating a pucker-free stitch for every project you take on. Presser feet can become damaged and less effective over time, but Sailrite® has a solution with a wide range of replacement presser feet for Sailrite models, including current and legacy sewing machines by Sailrite. If you want to sew specific fabrics, such as cording and leather, you can upgrade to a specialty presser foot that makes working with such materials simpler.

We have a replacement presser foot to suit your specific sewing machine, including Ultrafeed®, Big-N-Tall, Fabricator®, Professional, SR200, Sailmaker, Sailrite 111 and Yachtsman Sewing Machines. We offer a selection of durable leather presser feet that are uniquely designed for working with leather and other delicate fabrics thanks to a special knurled surface that minimizes tracking and reduces scuffing. For working with cording, you can choose a standard or double cording foot set that allows you to easily create decorative piping or edging, especially in upholstery projects. This type of presser foot is a great option for any DIYer who specializes in home décor, drapery and upholstery.

You will also find presser feet for zippers in our selection, including left- and right-roping styles for sewing next to zippers and boltropes. These styles are exclusively made for Sailrite in the United States using long-lasting materials that can handle regular demanding use. Sailrite also supplies affordable inside feet, outside feet, high-shank presser feet and more to work with your specific Sailrite model. Make sure to browse our complete assortment of sewing machine parts, accessories and supplies for more low-cost products that allow you to make replacements and upgrades on your machine.

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